Relationship Debt

Most people just don’t think about it but, when you really look, when you really do the math, it’s clear how people inherited a debt way of thinking and living. It’s clear where the mentality of, you can’t fight city hall so we just scapegoat the littler guy, mentality came from.
 That is the attitude that most people need to confront and see in themselves. Most people are not raised with the attitude of challenging the system. They’re taught to go along with it. That right there is deadly. That tells us right there how rigged the system truly is. NO ONE should ever be above reproach! NO one should ever be in a position where they’re “above it all”‎ and never scrutinized while they are endlessly scrutinizing and judging those who don’t even have the power to do anything “bad”. Those without power end up being criminalized for healthy mistakes and healthy anger while those in power end up with an excess of their rightful share. It comes down to health. We don’t  need to be in a work environment to see this, It starts at home. Is the environment healthy?   Are the relationships healthy? Not dealing with after admitting the relationships are not healthy only keeps the problems and the pollution going until it becomes a crisis, which is where we are today.
 This is why I’ve been telling people about Natural Law and Fitness all my life. Healthy relationship skills in the family and in all situations. NO one should ever be in a position of not being challenged and scrutinized. Ever. It goes against natural law and should be a red flag and a warning of abuse. If people are being brought up to never be allowed to point fingers at parents or parents never admit to mistakes or fallability and admit that their child is correct in pointing something out, this sets the stage for endless abuse and of those in “power” to never be held accountable.
 The first place democracy and healthy relationships should exists is at home. And how often does that happen? If a person grows up in a “family” where a parent can never be challenged or fallable, never admit they’re wrong or made a mistake, that steals from the child. It robs the energy and rights from the child and goes to the parent who doesn’t deserve it. It can make a child emotionally ill due to having their Rights violated. If someone is right, they’re right. Not giving them their due credit puts people into a psych and a health debt they can never get out of.
  If a parent is not healthy and their development is under developed, they can’t not do this. They will rob energy from their child to finish their development, to feel “one up” on the child. To finish what ever unfinished business they need to deal with from their own upbringing. If their parent or parents stole from them the debt persists until it’s satisfied.
Nature cannot be gotten over. This is the Debt I’ve been studying and trying to get people to look at since the 70’s. With not enough leverage because my energy was robbed and recieving so much opposition, I was stuck and still stuck in a catch 22. How can a young person ever have the energy and resources it takes to deal with and go up against those who are supposed to be there for them and be providing that energy and are, instead, stealing it? They can’t. This is the biggest scam that no one is talking about. This is the biggest “Ponzi scheme” and “economic crash” that no one talks about. I don’t know why. I guess it’s not National Security level enough to get high ratings yet it is the most dangerous.
 People do not understand that as time passes and those in “power” abuse it and don’t get held accountable, like the pollution of the environment, more and more psych garbage will be passed down to the young. This can’t Not happen, unless a parent is wide awake to what’s happening and is actively resisting those in power.
 If those in power were truly powerful and deserving of their position, they would be open and even encouraging the people to hold them accountable. They would be holding themselves to account. There wouldn’t be this, “We’re above reproach” attitude, “We’re above natural law” mentality.  Those in “power” should be scrutinized MORE than those without power. The system is completely backwards and right in people’s faces and they don’t see it because they haven’t been taught to challenge the “powerful”.
 We need to change our habits Big time and start pointing th finger more and those in power to make sure that when they’re poiting the finger at us, it’s clean and they aren’t just dumping their own guilt down.
 This was a no brainer when I was a kid. My “parents” were not “parents” at all. They were literally imposters. People who have reproductive organs and can reproduce does not make them real parents. The standard of quality of real parenting is so low, anyone with a uterus and a penis can copulate. But to truly raise a child to be a real, healthy adult is a completely different story. Most people are incapable. They have not even reached a healthy level of maturity themselves and have grown to full adulthood themselves. The endless reproducing of people who are immature and underdeveloped creates and endless cycle of “diluting” Humans. Every generation becomes less and less “ripe”. More and more Genetically Modified. People rely more and more on $$ and think that as long as they have $ and teach their kids to just go out and make $ while skipping over nature’s process of teaching them and raising them with nature’s process, everthing is going to work out fine. The problem with this mentality is that it’s GMO ING human develpment. You either go through nature’s process or you don’t. A fruit, a vegetable either goes through nature’s process o it doesn’t. An animal either grows naturally or it doesn’t. We should be living in a world where doing things as close to nature as possible should be the goal. But it’s actually the opposite. Doing things nature’s way is too inconvenient, too much bother. Skipping it is the goal. GMO ing it is the goal.
 In an email from the Institute for Public Accuracy I received it talks about a grandmother jailed and an Order of “Protection”‎ against her for photographing protestors at an airbase in upstate NY. This is what it said,,  She said today: “The U.S. military killed an elder in Afghanistan on his way to mediate a land dispute. Then drone pilots carried out a triple tap — targeting first responders who came to help after the drones killed the first group of people, and then the next three who came to help. It’s obvious that the actions of our government are just creating more destruction and anger. We citizens must stop U.S. state sponsored terror through the use of killer drones. As the whistleblower drone operators stated in their open letter to President Obama, this practice only fuels recruitment to groups like ISIS.”
She was jailed for photographing eight Catholic drone protesters outside the Air Force base from the roadway. End.
When are people going to start taking things seriously instead of continuing to have this laxadazicle attitude that the world is too big for the corrption to ever reach me, attitude? The fact that people don’t respond to injustices like this shows that the corruption Has reached them and has affected their health and sharpness.
 The other night I watched Prison Kids. This is who we are putting in jail. This is what jail has become. A human zoo for those who reveal the corrupt system’s dirty little secret by acting out. These kids are just as much a whistleblower as Edward Snowden, they’re just presenting it in a different, less privileged language.

People are much more Ill than they realize

‎As uncomfortable as it is to hear, it must be said. I’ve lived it and been pointing it out for decades only to be beaten into submission by the very people who should be on my side.
 I can’t see how people are the least bit surprised or shocked by what’s taking place today since they’ve been the one’s funding all along.
 All I can share, as I’ve been, is my experience and what I witnessed. Not everyone of course, experienced what I experienced in the exact same way but, I do believe most people experienced it on some level. All the facts and evidence we’re living with today points to that fact.
 Example after example happening currently over and over ‎with this attack here and that death there is the macro cosm of the micro cosm I’ve tried to get people to see for 4 decades. The fact that those around you are too busy treating you like ‘what do you know, you’re only a kid’ proves it. The very people who should be there protecting and championing you the most are the very ones undermining and pulling the rug out from under you the most. I think many people, if they’re honest enough, can admit that their family of origin was less than healthy and supportive and yet, it gets minimized and the significance of what’s right in our faces gets overlooked. Meanwhile, this is what’s building up over time. People can’t even ‘see’ what they’re funding over time til it blows up in their face. And not even then.
 Last night on the radio show Organic News on that I’ve been doing for 3 years next month I interviewed Jennifer Loewenstein of Penn U Middle Eastern Studies. She is just another person I’ve interviewed among people like Stephen Zunes, Dr Dahlia Wasfi, Miko Peled, Norman Solomon as well as others I’ve heard report on it on non mainstream news, that it’s the U.S. Who funds these so-called, ‘terrorists’ and pretends to be trying to eradicate it.
 The podcast for the interview will be on the Awakeradio1 youtube channel. I asked Jennifer Loewenstein about the U.S. Being in the Middle East for 15+ some-odd years now so, where’s the improvement? If things are getting worse and groups like ISIS are getting larger and more radicalized then,??? There’s your answer. The U.S. Should be held accountable for creating a humanitarian disaster.
 Before I veer off and lose focus, I want to go back to the ‘family’ system. The signs and symptoms are right in front of people that they are the ones screwing themselves and those around them while following a system that’s pushing them over a cliff.
 I was completely on my own starting from around 6 years old, is as early as I can remember. ‎The ‘family’ was not family. It was just called that. No one was on each others side. I KNEW at around that age, that I was being robbed and sold out and there was no one to turn to and nothing I could do about it except do my best fighting for my life by myself. I will forever have PTSD and watch out for anyone around me as the enemy because that’s who will, ultimately, be the source of my demise.
 What people don’t understand about growing up in dysfunctional or abusive environments is that it completely screws up your health. Your mind/body can’t possibly grow right when you are not getting your BASIC needs met. And I’m not talking about food, clothes and shelter. I’m talking about emotional, developmental needs.
 Today I watched a video on lowering the age of those who get imprisoned or put in solitary confinement . It was a video asking people to call a # to ask an Assembly person to lower the age of people in Solitary Confinement. 16 & 17 years Olds ‘treated like adults’ and placed, not only in jail but, in solitary. Angelo Pinto was desribing what it does to the psychological development of a young person of that age to be placed into these abusive environments. When a young person is still developing and they’re in these unsupportive and abusive environments it delays their development. The young are not equipt to be handling the stresses being put on them. A point I’ve been trying to bring to people for decades about the abusive family system and why kids need healthy parents. The system we’re living in is so sick and the majority of people go along with it and scapegoat the young and criminalize them when they should be being supported and raised.
 There are NO leaders! Everyone has sold out the youth and the future. The video said something about teaching these young people about ‘accepting responsibility for their actions’. If I were eating or drinking I would have spit my food all over after reading that. So these young people can ‘take responsibility?’ Give me a break! What ‘adult’ takes responsibility? What ‘leader’ in ‘power’ takes responsibility for their actions? The whole reason these kids exist is because there are NO REAL adults! No real leaders. Then they blame the youth for being the way they are and mirroring back to society it’s own reflection. That’s not complicated.  They’re treating these youth like garbage when the real garbage is the system that creates those to be discarded. Humans garbage? Do you really believe that an efficient system would create human beings to be treated like garbage? It’s the system and those who run it who are the garbage. Nature doesn’t make garbage. Only man does.
 I grew up the EXACT same way. I stood up to and exposed the illegit ‘parent’ when I was young. My body is simply having a normal reaction to the totally sick environment I was forced to live in. Instead of the ‘leaders’ looking at themselves and taking responsibility that THEY are the ones who Created ‎the mess, they defend themselves at the expense of their own child and use the child as the scapegoat. That’s happening all over the world on a larger scale. The ‘terrorist’ issue is that very concept. So is the situation I aired on Organic News last night with the Aunt of Akia Gurley, Hertencia Petersen, and the remarks that Commissioner Bratton made in response to the comments of Assemblyman Charles Barron who said at the press conf last Thurs., ‘violence is inevitable’. When the people are doing everything peaceful in standing up for their rights and the PTB are not hearing them. The system continues to want to treat the people like they’re garbage and don’t have value. When the nature inside of people is saying otherwise. Sooner or later things are going to blow. No one is above the laws of nature. Maybe that’s what the system wants. That’s what it does with ISIS and all the other problems it claims to want to solve. The reality is. There’s too much $ to be made and people value fake, man made $ over real value like human life.
 It is imperative that the people end this system that will surely kill them. ‎
 Instead of those around me helping me cultivate myself when I was young to be the best, smartest person I could be, they did the opposite. Not ONE adult stepped up to the plate to help me raise my self worth and self confidence. They did the opposite. Like the system, they don’t want you to be smart. They’re threatened by your smarts and spirit. They pull the rug out from under you, tell you your wrong when you’re right. They believe, like many cops and military do today, that they’re benefitting more by treating you like garbage than if they treated you well. That’s how ignorant people are. They don’t even realize that they benefit more by treating others well. They’re so immature and deficient in their development, they get off on having power over you and abusing it rather than treating you with the worth, value‎ & support you deserve. They bebefit more when they do this. But, they’re too ignorant. This is how the health and emotional/spiritual deficiency gets perpetuated. ‘Parents’ don’t have the emotional maturity and affordability to raise their children to their full capability. They only raise you enough to go along with a system that’s screwing them.
 I liken it to a farmer that grows beautiful tomatoes then stomping on the result instead of utilizing it and eating and selling them. ‎


I am being pushed to speak out more and more because people are using words I was using 4 decades ago more these days. Whether it’s at the #NYPDBlue12 press conference on their law suit against the quota system and how it destroys lives, Nicholas Heyward Sr. press conference on reopening the case of the killing of his son by NYPD cop Brian George in 1994 by DA Ken Thompson, which he now feels his hopes are crushed by news of a recent letter written by DA Ken Thompson to the judge presiding over the case of NYPD cop Peter Liang requesting leniency and No Jail Time.

I need to speak out more because I was intimidated into silence by the very people who should be on my side all my life. People are so blind to how programmed they are to keep the system going at their own expense and the expense of their own children. It’s right in front of people’s faces and they can’t see it. Or, they see it but, are just too fearful of owning their power.


At a press conference last week outside of 350 Jay street Brooklyn, the office of DA Ken Thompson, press and supporters gathered to hear family, assemblyman Charles Barron and attorney Roger Wareham speak about the letter DA Ken Thompson wrote to judge Danny Chun. Charles Barron spoke about the people saying to him recently, that they’ve been doing everything in peaceful ways but. “brother Barron, they’re not hearing us”. Then, Barron referred to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as the “prince of peace” and quoting him saying, “Riots are the voice of the unheard”. Barron said that even MLK didn’t condemn riots. Barron asked, “Am I saying we should be violent? Am I saying we should do something we haven’t done? I’m saying, THE SYSTEM WILL DETERMINE THAT.” You can’t get any truer words. What I don’t understand is why people being oppressed and their rights violated are the ones worrying about being “violent” when they’re the ones who are Responding to violence being done TO them? This is how the system keeps people in line. It’s the system being violent gradually, over time, robbing and oppressing the people of their rights. The people are not the ones being violent when they have a Justified, Rightful responds to having Violence DONE TO THEM. This is how the Powers that Be mind fuck the people and train them that they’re being violent or criminal in some way by having a Healthy reaction to what is done to them. That is how the people get further and further into health Debt. They’re healthy responses are criminalized. This is how I grew up. I will never get over it and not stop writing about it til there’s justice. Instead of continuing to work For the corrupt system as it is, the people including myself, deserve reparations and justice.

Commissioner Bratton called Barron’s words “inciting a riot” and that “Barron was treading on shaky ground with his remarks”.“They come very close to being criminal in terms of inciting violence and riots,” Bratton said. “And so… he should be very careful about his words.” Bratton also called DA Ken Thompson’s move to call for leniency for Liang “courageous”.

It’s the same ol attitude coming from the abusers of power. They are never wrong. The people are never right and justified in calling out the system no matter how corrupt and rigged the justice system is.

DA ken Thompson wrote in the letter to Danny Chun that putting NYPD cop Peter Liang in jail won’t keep the public safe because he’s not a threat. And yet, Rikers Island is FULL of people who are NO threat to the public and that doesn’t keep them from being put in Rikers Island and they didn’t even murder anyone!

Barron said that the system cannot keep having the people go by way of peaceful means and ignore them, then “Violence is inevitable”. Which is basic math, cause and effect which everyone must live under, INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY people who occupy positions who are supposed to do right with their power.

For Bratton to say what he said is just more of the same bullying, abuse of power and mind fucking. He thinks that no matter how  rigged and unlawful the system is, that he is in it’s violation of the rights of the public, the people are always in the wrong when they rise. That the laws of nature will not eventually kick in and take over, he’s sadly mistaken.

Those in positions of power but, do not necessarily deserve the position will find out soon enough who is running things and it isn’t man. It’s not a difficult concept to understand that when people are abused again and again they are going to push back.

Like Charles Barron said, “The system will determine” whether the people are going to rise up and push back because it’s the system who is the Violent one and Natural law does not discriminate.

Those in positions of power forget what they’re supposed to be doing there. They’re supposed to be there FOR the people, not for their own Ego.

Let me add that Bratton is also the one who said the NYPD quota system was BS and yet we have the #NYPDBlue12 who are suing the NYPD over the quota system.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the system cares about nothing else but $$ and creating a debtors prison all over the country. Private, for profit prisons are popping up all over amerikka. Who do you think they’re going to fill them with? They need to make someone the GMO “criminal” like I was made to be as a child in my own house. It’s clear the system is not about raising people to be smart, healthy successful adults. The Corps don’t want the competition. Of course they’d rather “profit” off turning you into a criminal instead.





#NYPDBlue12 Law suit against NYPD quota system

DSC01115-768x432‎This past Tuesday I went to film a press conf in a Bed Stuy Brooklyn church of the #NYPDBlue12 with the support of the Justice League NYC to discuss their law suit, initiated about a year ago, against the NYPD and the quota system that creates the very racism and the violation of the rights of the very people in the neighborhood many of these officers grew up in.

 The very reason many of these officers became cops was to raise themselves and their community up and give themselves and their community the respect and guidance many of their neighbors didn’t have.

From left to right,, Angelo Pinto, retired detective, Graham Weatherspoon, Edwin Raymond and Derrick Waller.
 After being an officer with NYPD for 8 years, 30 year old Edwin Raymond realized, “I could be a Sergeant by now if I went along with these policies”. Edwin Raymond had been passed over for Sergeant because he wasn’t “pulling in the #’s” , although no one would come right out and say that. NYPD, today are nothing more than enforcers of a debtors prison, with maybe a few exceptions, to bring in $ to the Dept. As Angelo Pinto, who spoke at the press conf said, “it’s more like a few good apples rather than a few bad apples”.
 This is the exact corruption I warned people about in the early 70’s. Those who should be “protecting and serving” are doing the opposite. Then, ONTOP of that, it’s gets denied and the person pointing it out are retaliated against and gets criminalized which creates even More debt. The $ system follows the mindset of those controlling it. I’ve tried explaining that for decades. $ must be controlled and backed by healthy people and something stable. If it isn’t, it will simply be a weapon used to destroy lives.
 It’s not the fact that people “make mistekes” do “bad things” or “fall from the mark”‎ that is the problem. It’s the fact thay they don’t, won’t, are incapable of admitting it then, taking steps to move in a better direction that is the real problem. The reason for that is a self fulfilling prophecy due to the $$ that disconnects people from health and nature and keeps the $ cancer system going.
 Many, if not most of us, have been trained to function in the opposite way nature and fitness works. People think $ brings health but, it doesn’t. $ brings whatever the person pursuing it already has to begin with. So whatever level of emotional health a person starts with, that will continue while pursuing $, maybe even deteriorate. Again, $ must be Backed by health in order to have real value. It’s not.
Health comes from nature and the healthy relationships we get from our parents. If they’re not healthy, we will be in debt. Simple. Then perpetuate that psych debt through out our life unless someone intervenes. Because we have addicts who’ve hijacked the entire world almost, it undermines any chance of anyone getting free of it.
 We can get out of debt through nature, healthy relationships and relationship skills. Period. Nature is the only cure. Not admitting an error, a mistake can only draw one conclusion; the act was intentional. Or, the person is So identified with that part of themselves they can’t step outside themselves to see it. The person or persons have no desire to change or to redeem themselves and move in the “right” direction. This is unhealthy and not the way nature functions. It’s conditioned and can be unconditioned.
 Lack of fitness and health is at the root of most, if not all our problems. $ perpetuates the disconnect from health and fitness because those who control it are mentally ill and disconnected from nature and use it to perpetuate that disconnect.
 The #NYPDBlue12 ‎are having the same experience I had in 1970’s when I was very young, where it is clear that those in “power” are abusing it and violating rights instead of protecting them. This is not emotional. This is pure Fact. Because the people around didn’t want to hear anything bad about people in “power” and are unfit themselves, they didn’t want to step up to the plate and get fit, they dilute the reality to make it seem “not as bad”. Reality cannot be diluted, like the $ supply can. Man cannot deny fact and get away with it. It’s not physically possible. Even when it seems like those in power are getting away with it, in reality, nature will not allow it. They, themselves, are being effected by their lack of taking responsibility and are being physically changed by it. They might not notice or care but, they are.
 When I was a teen in the late 70’s early 80’s and still dealing with the imcompetent person in power that I had to deal with and being completely pushed to my physical limits, I had the insight to know that I was being turned into something not healthy. I could feel I was being turned into a monster.
 Looking back, like Edwin Raymond said, “I’d be ‎a Sergeant if I went along with these policies”, it’s an oxymoron to believe that we can get ahead or somehow, get somewhere by going against our gut and what we know to be so. That is what tells us that $ is a fake and a fraud. How can $ have “value” if we’re being forced to get rid of they very thing that $ should be supporting and protecting? That voice inside of us that’s telling something doesn’t feel right is what we should be listening to. Not the Powers that Be. We’re destroying our inner environment for $ when $ should be protecting these things. That feeling inside that something is not right is what we need to be listening to and be cultivating. That’s what I’ve tried to do ally my life starting at an early age when I was naive enough to believe that that’s the way most of the world functioned and that that’s how a person got ahead, in other words, legitimately, in Reality, the way it’s supposed to.
 I, like Edwin Raymond, has a high moral standard from the way he grew up and join groups because we’re seeking others who feel the same. Then, we find out they don’t and we’re the black sheep like Frank Serpico. The NYPD is just a front. It shouldn’t be a surprise since the movie Serpico came out in the 70’s disclosing this issue.

 Relationships need exercise to be fit. Period. Just like our physical bodies. We’re always dealing with nature and physics. No way around it. In man’s total arrogance with power he actually believes he can dominate God. The NYPD and other institutions like it like the U.S. Military and Corporations, are in a literal war with God, themselves and natural law.

“The quota brings problems to the most vulnerable because when you put pressure on cops to come up with #’s they’re not going to Midtown. It’s the black, it’s the Hispanic, it’s the LGBT community, WE GO FOR THE MOST VULNERABLE” said Adhyl Polanco, right, at Tues press Conf. Left, Graham Weatherspoon retired detective and, middle, Derrick Waller.
“When it comes to Mass incarceration in NYC quotas are at the root of it. We took an oath to serve and protect the people.” Edwin Raymond also said during the press conf. That he and the rest of the officers are doing it for the people, not only for themselves. “We’re protecting the people from the Dept itself.” In other words, Real policing is protecting the people from the police dept. Not by going along with the rights violating policies. The NYPD does not exist to protect the rights of the public any more than my own parent was there for me. ‎I needed protection From them! And the community around me growing up, who were like the cops who go along with the policies instead of protect and serve the very people they should be. This is in your face stuff. Not rocket science. People are literally being brainwashed to allow themselves to be violated or to violate others.

Albert Woodfox, 43 years in Solitary,”Buddy Caldwell and Burl Cain made this case personal”

Albert Woodfox was released last Friday after spending 43 years in Solitary Confinement in a 6 x 9 ft cell for 23 hrs a day in Angola prison in Louisiana, longer than anyone in the history of the United States. Albert Woodfox was one of 3 black me arrested in the 60’s for being involved wit the Black Panther party. He went straight to his mothers grave because he wasn’t allowed out when she died. He also visited his sisters grave who died while he was behind bars.

Albert was serving a 5 year sentence for armed robbery when he and another inmate, Herman Wallace, were accused of stabbing a Corrections Officer in 1972 extending his sentence. Albert and Herman always maintained their innocence and said they were targeted for organizing a chapter of the Black Panther party in the prison, protesting against horrific prison conditions. Along with a 3rd man, Robert King, were known as the Angola 3. Amnesty International and other groups campaigned to free the 3 men. Woodfox was the last of the 3 men to be freed. Robert King was freed in 2001 when his conviction of murdering an inmate was overturned. Herman Wallace was freed in 2013, a few days before dying of cancer but, the state refused to free Woodfox until last Friday.

Woodfox’ first conviction was overturned and the state of Louisiana retried him successfully in 1998. A federal Judge ruled in 2014 that Woodfox should be freed on the grounds of racial discrimination in his retrial. Then, Attorney General, Buddy Caldwell planned to try Albert Woodfox again. U.S. middle court judge, James Brady, ordered Albert’s release based on 5 facts; Albert’s age and poor health, the unavailability to provide witnesses, “This court lacks the confidence of the state to provide a fair 3rd trial, The prejudice done onto Mr Woodfox by spending 40 years in Solitary Confinement, and finally, the very fact that Mr. Woodfox has already been tried twice and would otherwise face a third trial for a crime that occurred over 40 years ago.” The 5th circuit then approved continued detention for Albert.

Amy Goodman asks Albert Woodfox how it feels to be “Free”. That would mean that all of us out here are free and nothing could be further from the truth. Albert Woodfox might not be it literal prison but, he is still in the prison in his mind and in this larger prison called society.

Albert Woodfox was able to read in is cell which enabled him to maintain his focus and not be broken by being in solitary and stay in touch with the outside world. He read history books and books on Malcolm X, Dr King, & James Baldwin. Albert was allowed 2 visitors a month but, his family was unable to come too much due to distance.

A key witness in the “murder” of the Corrections Officer said he witnessed the murder but, who’s credibility was questionable. At first the witness said he wasn’t anywhere around and knew nothing about the murder. A couple of night later he was dragged out of bed in the middle of the night and interrogated under bright lights and told by the guards on night duty if he helped them crack the case they would get the “witness” his freedom. The “witness”, Hezakiah Brown, then said the killers were Wallace and Woodfox.  Hilton Butler, a former Warden, is heard on tape saying that “you could words in Hezakiah Brown’s mouth.

Albert Woodfox stated that at that time he and Herman Wallace were very active in the prison organizing resistance around the corruption in the prison such as brutal beatings, and killings. It’s ironic that those organizing against brutal beatings and killings, even of the guard, are the ones blamed for killing the guard and put into CCR. Even the wife of the guard said she did not believe Woodfox and Wallace killed her husband. She said “It’s time the state stop acting like there’s any evidence that Albert Woodfox killed Brent. After years of looking at the evidence and soul searching and praying I realized I could not believe what I was told to believe by a state that did not take care of Brent while he was working at Angola and did not take care of me when he was killed”, Teenie Rodgers.

Long time Angola Warden Burl Cain said he would keep Woodfox in lockdown regardless of his crimes since, “I know he’s still trying to practice Black Pantherism”.


And Might I add,, This is EXACTLY how this ENTIRE country is run! People in “power”, from “Parents” to “Presidents”, Corporations and bankers (but corporations and banks are not in power to protect and raise the people), doing what ever they want irregardless of laws, truth, justice and facts.

I am so compelled to write after hearing stories like this because it’s the same situation I felt and experienced growing up in my house as a child. I’m not going to stop writing about my upbringing because I had no voice for so long, was silenced exactly like Albert Woodfox, Robert King and Herman Wallace not because of any facts, truth or evidence but, because of people abusing their power and making situations personal.

My story is very similar except it happened with people who are supposed to be family. I naturally protested in my house about the unacceptable conditions of domestic violence, stress and abuse I was forced to live with as a child. I’ve written about it on a previous blogs and have to write about it over and over to plead my own case of feeling guilty since I’m 8 years old for standing up for myself and needing those in “power” to do their jobs and at least make an attempt to create a decent, healthy environment I could grow in.

The same thing that happened to Wallace and Woodfox happened to me. It was personal. Who ever has power, as incompetent and they are, can just decide to make someone guilty and imprison them. The “family” is the easiest place this is done. “Parents” or a “parent” as in my case because my father was out of the house by the time I was 6, who are not emotionally mature, which most are not, can easily respond from a place of Personal and be triggered by a child’s healthy resistance and determination to assert their separateness.

I’ve read and studied many books on emotional and relationship health over the decades for this exact reason. It doesn’t matter who someone is or what their role in life is, if they’re emotionally immature and developmentally arrested they will abuse their power and do to innocent people what warden, Burl Cain and attorney general, Buddy Caldwell did to the Angola 3. The same thing my mother did to me. The very people depended upon to protect our rights, stand for truth and justice are doing the exact OPPOSITE and VIOLATING them instead!

I felt psychologically imprisoned my entire life not just from having my rights violated in my house by my “parent” but, when I stood up to that abusive parent I was guilted again by neighbors and other “adults” around me who all made excuses and let off the very person who is supposed to be there for me to rely on. So many people are programmed to let those in “power” off, even when they’re clearly wrong and abusive. People are completely Unconscious. This is what must be addressed. It’s the actions and the behaviors that need to be paid attention to, not what position a person holds. I call it, looking at the ingredients instead of the packaging. Look beneath the surface to who the person is, not what’s on the outside, like you would if you were on a date with someone.

Just as in the case of 28 year old Akai Gurley here in Brooklyn, NY, killed by NYPD Peter Liang last Nov when Peter Liang mistakenly fired his gun which ricocheted off a stairwell wall hitting Gurley in the chest killing him. Asians started rallying around Asian Peter Liang calling to get the conviction dropped saying it was accidental. The Aunt of Akai Gurley points out the same fact that I tried pointing out decades ago when people said the same thing about my mother, “oh, her abuse was unintentional, She didn’t mean to cause harm”, or “she couldn’t raise you good because nobody taught her”. All these “excuses” are Betrayals and NOT things ADULTS should be telling a child. Adults these days are total LOSERS and COWARDS and pretty soon it will be revealed because Nature does not tolerate excuses. People are Clearly Advocating then, being allowed to pass down their incompetence. They, literally, were telling me right to my face, just like in the case of Woodfox and Wallace, that people in “power” can do what ever they want and get away with it. The “adults”, instead of stepping up to the bar and being the smart, role model people children need and deserve, instead, guilt a child into submission and brainwash them into accepting garbage and abuse. THIS IS THE WORLD WE ARE LIVING IN.

In Akai Gurley’s case, his Aunt, Hertencia Petersen addressed the Asians rallying to let off Peter Liang telling them that if it was such a mistake killing her nephew then why didn’t Peter Liang do anything to help Akai Gurley? Why didn’t Peter Liang call for help instead of worrying about his job and calling his Union rep instead? Why didn’t Peter Liang administer CPR on Akai Gurley himself as he is trained instead of an untrained downstairs neighbor doing it?

The VERY SAME point I was left on my own to make as a CHILD to the “adults” I was surrounded by when they through all the Lame reasons not ONE adult could be there for you. If my mother was so unintentional, then why didn’t she apologies, why didn’t she do anything to make up for the harm she clearly caused? Why didn’t she admit responsibility as she was, instead of trying to save herself and pawn the responsibility onto me, the total innocent one? Why didn’t she ever do anything to change her behavior and try to do better? Instead, she just kept right on doing the same behavior for the rest of her life.

Is natural law going to simply be suspended because a “parent” calls in sick indefinitely? Is a child magically going to not have needs that must be met just because a “parent” is incompetent and emotionally unfit? People think if they have excuses natural law is going to just be suspended and let them off the hook. Nature will function no matter what and people will need what they need and deserve what they deserve irregardless of whether or not someone in power likes it or not.

All people deserve to be healthy and free. All people deserve to grow to be their unique selves and share their unique talents and gifts with the world. For anyone to assert themselves and their spirit, especially in conditions of abuse and brutality, is called NORMAL and HEALTHY. For a warden or a “parent” to want to crush a person simply for being healthy and asserting their rights, self worth and practice Black Pantherism because they feel threatened and get off on using their power to violate people’s rights is the most egregious abuse of power there is. These people in power are there to UPHOLD LAWS, UPHOLD JUSTICE, PROTECT PEOPLE’S RIGHTS, NOT VIOLATE THEM. How this Attorney General got away with it is also due to the fact that people in the “justice” system bow to people in power worse than the Angola 3 did. Why doesn’t someone in the Justice system in Louisiana step up and say something about the abuse of power that’s going on to get the warden and AG held accountable?

When are people going to function according to nature and health instead of what’s on the surface? This judge completely disregarded LAW, DUE PROCESS, the CONSTITUTION and made a case personal! That’s OUTRAGEOUS! And those responsible for keeping Albert Woodfox in Solitary for 43 years need to be arrested and placed in Solitary themselves!


The Poisoning of a city and it wasn’t done by international Terrorists

An UNELECTED emergency “manager” appointed by Gov. Snyder switched the water supply from the Detroit system they had been using for half of a century to the toxic Flint river to try to save $5 million. Right after the switch the residents of Flint started complaining about the foul odor and discolored water that, also, caused a variety of health issues. Initially, the water was infested with bacteria until the city added chlorine which created trihalomethanes or TTHM’s, a cancerous chemical by-product. Legionaires disease, born from the contaminated water, spread to the Flint residents that killed 10 people and left many others ill. The corrosive water was damaging Flint’s aging pipes creating lead contamination most prominently in the children.

Gov. Snyder and other “officials” ignored then covered up the complaints from the residents, for a year and a half, who started fighting back with protesting, citizen journalism, a new elected mayor and a resident lead testing project.

“In 2011 Gov Snyder signed into law the emergency manager law”, said Claire McClinton of the Flint Democracy Defense league who’s been challenging “emergency managers” for years. Under the guise of being fiscally responsible, EM’s were sent into city’s and school districts they deemed in fiscal crisis who were majority African American. They were privatizing services and selling off the assets. The garbage collection was privatized and the parks were sold off. “There’s a coordinated, aggressive effort to privatize our water system which is how we came to this poison water catastrophe”. The people were told that the Detroit water was too expensive and they were going to “cheaper water”. Claire McClinton said it was the GM plant that contaminated the Flint river dumping all their toxins in it, which was the “cheaper water” for the interim. “We don’t just have a water problem, we got a Democracy problem. We got a dictatorship problem”. Flint was the first city to elect an African American mayor. “We’re not the type of people that’s used to being walked on”.

Another resident who needed clean water for her grandson said, she paid a bill of $109 to stop a water shut off.

I do not understand this at all. She was going to have the poison water shut off and she paid $109 to keep it from being turned off. That makes no sense. Don’t pay it! Why would you pay to keep poison water running in your house? I did an interview last night with Sherry Peel Jackson, former IRS agent, CPA and certified fraud examiner on her book, Stick it to the IRS. She did time in jail standing up to the IRS and now teaches others about the fraudulence of the IRS. She said people give all their power over to the IRS and they end up getting screwed, losing their businesses and even their lives from break downs and suicide. She teaches people to own their power and stop giving it away to institutions that take total advantage of the naietivity of people. This is what happens when people give up their fitness and their connection to nature and their gut in exchange for a fake, nam-made system. I’ve tried telling this to people for decades. Now more people are seeing that it’s true. That the system in this country is a total fraud.

Stand UP! Fight back! I was shamed and guilted as a young person and a teen for standing up to and calling out abusive and neglectful “parents by neighbors and relatives. THEY WERE WRONG and I was the one doing the right thing. Every “adult” around me was training me to bow and live with little dignity. I was literally beaten into walking around this planet with such little self worth. Real family should be raising their child and teaching them to defend themselves, stand up for themselves. Its the most basic thing to teach a child. Instead< i was learning the exact opposite, to feel bad for standing up for myself and not bowing to who, I knew in my gut, were not real family.

People are totally brainwashed to bow and they learn it IN the “Home” by “parents” who are followers. I was smart enough at an early age to speak truth to power and I was backed by no one. People do not know their rights and they were passing down the same mentality to me and I was aware enough at an early age and felt it. Had people supported me and come together we would not be living in this kind of world. This is why we’re where we are today. I had doing the right thing beaten right our of me by ignorant people. Taking the way nature and health work and rewiring it so I would be easier to control. It ended up blowing up right in my mother’s face. How can people not recognize the right thing when it’s right in front of them? Talk about a health crisis.

“I respect him because he’s the Gov. of Michigan”, said Kawanne Armstrong of Flint, the woman who came to ask for help getting water for her grandson. People deserve respect when they give respect. People do not deserve respect automatically because they’re in a “power” position. Gov. Snyder is Not treating the residents of Flint with even minimal respect and doesn’t deserve it in return. Period.

Due to growing up in such a broken, chaotic environment standing up to abuse of power instinctually kicked in early in my life. It was healthy and natural to stand up to corruption even at “home”. The body is never wrong. The body and it’s signals are what we should be aligning with, not destroying.

I have to speak out because what I’ve tried to wake people up to decades ago that no one wanted to listen to and take seriously, is now, a much larger problem and getting worse. From living in a completely incompetent “family” with “parents” who were incapable of, or had no plans to do their job and take responsibility and were more than happy to pass down their irresponsibility onto those who deserved it the least, their own children. It’s totally CRIMINAL what happens and what is happening to children in their own “families” and there’s no where for the to turn and No one to be an advocate for them. The more parenting gets eroded and diluted over time, like is the trend since everything is about $, just like the environment, soil erosion and animal slaughter, living things that are speaking up but, are just not speaking up in English. Nature speaks a more clear language that cannot be denied, But, Sociopaths find a way.


 The reason I feel it necessary to write about the abusive/dysfunctional ‘family’ system is because that is the source of how and where people learned to be sheople. With all the corruption from the Powers That Be and the Flint water crisis that was an Inside Job and everything else that’s happening in the world, not enough people are taking a close enough look at the source of where they learned to be the way they are in life. Be someone perpetrator, abuser of power, or the one being abused, it important to look at your own part in the ‘relationship’. Just like in a marriage gone bad, if both parties involved don’t look at how they contributed to the failed relationship, it just ends up continuing. The problem comes from the fact that it’s usually the one being short changed that complains and wants to see changes. Many times it could be both parties who are equal contributors whether they’re the perp or the aggressor. It\’s usually the aggressor that refuses to look at how they contribute to the problems. One person, the aggressor usually, is the person who conveniently has a blind spot and doesn’t want to look at and take responsibility for their contribution to the problems.
 This is what we are living in LARGE SCALE‎.
 I did my best decades ago when I was young to get people to see how they were perpetuating their own demise. When and where I was ‘growing up’ it was right in your face that the family system is falling apart, there is no community, there is no one there for the youngest and most vulnerable. The very people who need the most protection, the very people who should be the reason for stepping up and making a better world end up being those who are used to dump all the garbage and emotional excuses onto and get away with it.
 These problems with the water crisis in Flint is literally the Macro of the Micro. Amy Goodman asked Melissa Mayer of Water We Fighting For,‎ a Flint resident who’s 3 boys, she says, are now anemic and have other health problems from the lead contaminated water. Melissa said they were A students and now suffer brain ‘fog’, bone pains and compromised immune systems. Melissa, herself, has a host of illnesses including diverticulosis, seizures and liver problems. “The by products in the water are all neurotoxins, copper, lead, aluminum, tin chromium, things that our bodies can’t handle”.
 This is the exact same issue I tried raising on my own as a child to the “adults” around me that were supposed to be protecting me! I was being subjected to stress and emotional torture that a child is not equipt to handle and had my health permanently compromised from it. Who is going to admit that what is being handed down to future generations is betrayal when the ones who should be protecting are the ones doing the betraying like Gov Snyder? To this day we don’t hear anything about the abuse of children in the home. I wonder why that is?
 Speaking about Governor Snyder, Melissa Mays said “he needs to removed from office. he just doesn’t show any real concern”, she said. “He hasn’t put any real effort into actually making up for the failures of his agencies”. It’s like hearing my words come out of someone else’s mouth. The words I tried so many times as a CHILD to express to the “adults” around me who just couldn’t be bothered because then, they would have had to actually DO something. Imagine being a child and having to deal with a crisis like the people in Flint are dealing with? Imagine being a child and those who are in the position of power showing no concern for the people they’re entrusted to protect? If it’s like this for adults dealing with abuse of power, imagine what it’s like for a child with their own “parents” and neighbors?
 Melissa is bringing forth the very same concerns I, myself, was forced to bring up as a young child to the very people making me sick. The ‘family’. You were born because it was against the Catholic Church to have an abortion, and you’re treated like it was your own fault you were conceived and exist. I was treated like I was some unwanted visitor who was criminalized for being healthy and needing ‘parents’ to do their job and protect my health and help me to grow. Doesn’t this sound like Debt? Doesn’t this sound like the signs and symptoms of “Social Climate Shift?” The passing down of the debt and pollution to the very people who should be inheriting a healthy planet, love and respect?
 Amy Goodman then brought up being from NYC where 911 attack on the World Trade Center attack took place and the Pentagon in DC, then said, “the Government said after that the biggest fear is that an international terrorist would poison the water supply of a major city. Well, AN INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST DIDN’T DO THIS and a major city’s water supply has been poisoned. The Michigan Government, the Governor, Rick Snyder is involved in this”.
Melissa Mays’ reply was to say that in times of war under the Geneve Convention, a country cannot contaminate a cities water supply. “We’re not in war but, guess what, it seems like it because a whole city’s water supply was poisoned by our state government and allowed to continue. They knew in October of 2014, when GM said they couldn’t use the water anymore, that it was corroding the car parts. If it’s not ok for car parts, how is it ok for citizens?”
 More people are finding out what an abused child feels like in their own home. More often, it’s an Inside job.
 When you have to stand up and fight for yourself AGAINST the VERY people who should be protecting and supporting you and instead, Fault you for pointing out to them that they are the ones making you ill, that should be seen as a very serious environmental concern but, of course, it isn’t. ‎
‎I’m am simply looking at math and facts. I was living in utter TERROR as a child and throughout my entire young, and even older, life. I pulled my eyelashes out from the 2nd through the 5th grade and other self mutilation not to mention emotional self mutilation. The problem only gets worse when there is no one to turn to who is a Real adult and would actually admit that you’re being harmed by the very people entrusted to care for you the most. I tried telling neighbors and others who can clearly See what was happening. But, you’re surrounded by low- bar, ignorant people that have no idea that they should be responding and stepping up to the plate. Neighbors and everyone around minimize it all because most people are in on the dumbing down of children who are going to be the ‘future’ so they will be easy to control by the Powers that Be. Those around me were threatened by me and the built in instincts and health that automatically gets brought out when something healthy is subjected to something unhealthy.
 Instead of the unhealthy admitting that they’re the unhealthy and irresponsible and moving towards healthy, they make the healthy, innocent child the Bad guy and criminalize them for being too healthy. They make nature wrong instead of using nature as the guideline to move towards fitness which is a normal activity when people learn to walk or ride a bike.  ‎
 Nature is being desecrated in more ways than people realize. Their moral health is being eroded by fake, GMO $ like the pipes in Flint by the lead contamination.
 I got on this path before I realized how bad things trully were. I had no idea when I started teaching myself about mental/emotional health that I would end up feeling like a criminal. ‎It’s extremely clear that $ is at the expense of community and healthy relationships. Not just Globally but, in people’s homes and marriages.
 The world is going, at a rapid pace, in the opposite direction I’ve been going in all my life. Growing up in domestic violence, divorce and abuse forced my body, naturally, to move towards healing, relationship skills, conscious communication and the desire to cultivate healthy relationships that can only give us the nutrition we need by following nature. Skipping over any of nature’s process will simply bring us GMO relationships and poor nutrition. Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Really Sick people. Really mentally sick ‎people who have the entire Globe rigged. Not necessarily in their favor because, in reality they’re sick addicts who are destroying themselves too. Those who’ve rigged the system want to keep people confused as to what’s real, healthy and truly satisfying in this world. Because they’re addicted to fake wealth they want everyone to be.

$$ is poison, like the water in Flint

‎I’ve been hearing much news lately about the Flint water crisis. I did an interview for Organic News on with Mike Doan of Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management on Tues. A member of his organization, Thomas Stephen, an attorney with the NLG, was speaking about the situation last Wed on Democracy Now. I wrote in my last blog on his talk on the privatization of the water system and the immense power it would bring and that if Gov Snyder is found to be involved in it, it’s the end of his career.
 One point I would like to make that most people don’t consider is the poisoning of the $ supply. If the Flint water can be lead poisoned harming mass amounts of people and children giving them all kinds of illnesses, rashes and cognitive disorders, then what can the $ supply do? Does anyone stop to think of the harm to health, especially mental/emotional health our fake $ supply is causing?
 How many people are aware of what $ is and where it comes from? How many people are aware of what $ is made of?
 In an interview I recntly did with author of the book, All The Presidents Bankser, Nomi Prins for Awake Radio she said, “The $ coming into the banks from the Fed is fabricated”. If anyone has seen the documentary Zeitgeist Addendum, Peter Joseph illustrates what $ is and that it’s made from debt. It isn’t real. It’s basically counterfeit. Most people don’t know where their “food” or clothes come from, who makes it or how those making it are treated or paid. $ is the same.
 This might be surprising but, come does not come from nature. It doesn’t have Any natural ingredients. How, then, can it not harm us? ‎How can it not be poison? It’s controlled by manipulative people for harmful purposes. Circulating $ is like the Flint water switch from the Detroit water system to the dirty Flint river. $$, for the most part, is Filthy dirty. I’ve said this before. If $ is created from debt, it stands to reason that people have to go into behavioral debt to acquire it. Which many people willingly do every day. Do most people think about and pay attention to the fact that they must choose $ over morals and honest evry day? Are people paying attention to the fact that to have $ to pay their bills they must forfeit what’s right and moral? Many people think one little compromise here and another compromise there every day isn’t a problem. They are not paying attention to the fact that they are filling a moral debt “bank account” that is acruing over time. Like pollution, it adds up.
 The slow and gradul erosion people allow to happen to their morality over time while they choose the $ doesn’t always wake people up to the fact that if they have to surrender morality for $ then, clearly, $ does not back or represent decency or morality. To choose $ is to choose the opposite of wealth and justice. The more people blindly choose $ over morals, the more morality and decency erode, like the pipes in Flint.
 $ is literally making people ill. We don’t think enough about emotional or, God forbid, I should say, Spiritual health. We don’t talk enough about spiritual health because to do so put us directly up against the circulating of $$.
First of all, if $ and health went together in the first place Darnell Earley, the emergency manager in Flint would not have switched the water supply from Detroit to the Flint river. In order to “save $” the water supply got switched to polluted, lead contaminated water. What does that tell you right there? That $ is at ODDS with health. $$ does not back or work for health and well being but, is, in direct opposition to it. It doesn’t get any clearer. We just have to take a closer look. Then, it ends up costing Flint more $$ because of all the damage to pipes and the health damage created.
 Darnell Earley was clearly not thinking about the REAL cost to the lives of the people, they were thinking about $$ cost. But, should $ cost and the cost to the people be one in the same? Shouldn’t the $ cost be aligned with the health costs and what serves the people? The fact that the 2 are not one in the same is a very serious problem itself. The fact that a choice has to be made between saving $ and protecting the health of the community and to choose one means the compromising of the other shows there is a very serious problem with $$.
 What Thomas Stephen said on Democracy Now about the privatization of the water system and the immense power it would give to whoever controlled it gives us a clue to the answer. “Follow the $$”.
 We as a people do not pay enough attention to health on any level, never mind emotional/mental.
 Most people do not think about relating in appropriate, healthy ways when they go to work everyday. Those in the less power roles usually follow the orders of those in a “higher” power role no questions asked. Even when many people might know in their gut that what someone in power is doing is wrong they don’t say anything and go along in order to keep their job and “career”. They don’t think about the erosion of their soul and morals little by little. How many people create a polluted world every time they compromise a little bit of their soul for $ every day? Who is speaking about that pollution? The psychological and physical abuse and killing that is becoming more the norm in our society as we move closer and closer to $$ over people and the earth is picking up speed.
 Why don’t we address the fact that $ is pollution. $ is poison that is making more and more people sick who do nothing but lust after it to gain the illusion of power. The only thing that has real value in our world is nature. Nature is what gives anything its value. $ is not natural and is not of nature. It’s purely a man-made, what I call GMO product created out of debt.
 We literally have to maim and destroy to keep the $$ system going. Maybe we should rethink our priorities and what the ingredients in our $ supply are. The harmful consequences of the circulation of $ are obvious.