Close Gitmo, A Case of TORTURE with Andy Worthington and Roger Waters

British journalist, Andy Worthington tuning up his guitar preparing to sing the song he wrote for recently released Guantanamo prisoner, British citizen Shake Aamer. Andy is the author of the Guantanamo Files and founder of the We Stand with Shaker campaign along with British music legend, Roger Waters, who was also in attendance.


‎Last Thursday night at Revolution books in Harlem, British Journalist Andy Worthington gave his annual U.S., NYC talk for the 15th anniversary of Guantanamo calling for its closure. Andy also spoke about the recent release of British detainee‎ Shaker Aamer after being held without charge or trial for 14 years, who was cleared for release twice in 2007 and 2009 by 2 administration’s, and who Andy and Pink Floyd co founder Roger Waters, rallied for his released with We Stand With Shaker, campaign. 

 Andy elaborated on Shakers treatment while in Gitmo and how the interrogators goal was to “break him” and the other detainees even though they had no information to give. Shaker strength was surprising and the interrogators were unable to break him. He told how Shaker was beaten daily by interrogators. Andy told how the interrogators grew tired and broke before Shaker did and how the interrogators grew to respect Shaker. 

 Andy spoke about some of the same topics I discussed with him on my radio show Organic News on ‎

Dick Cheney said “torture worked” and would do it again. This is mathematically impossible. It’s like saying abusing children works which has been considered “normal” parenting for many decades. Yes, it works if the objective is to break a person’s will, if the objective is to get what you want out of someone rather than the truth. The use of force and intimidation to get children to obey instead of taking the time to explain and treat a child with respect is common “parenting”. It’s a rare parent who actually takes the time to treat the child with respect and who’s goal it is to raise the child to be someone with their own mind and identity. 

 This is the point I’ve been trying to raise for decades. There is no way around nature. There is no way to force nature into being what we want. Taking the time to do things nature’s way is the only way to get real results. Be it parenting or interrogation, the outcome cannot be gotten to by force, no matter how we may try. When we force, all we get is a GMO version instead of Organic truth . 

 The same bill of goods was told to me as a child; Abuse works, ‘It builds character’, ‘it makes you stronger’, I used to hear. Despite the obvious signs of sever distress and harm from the ‘victim’, those in ‘power’ easily dismiss the facts and evidence that prove them wrong and continue on. Despite the fact that the interrogators are causing obvious distress, beyond the point of progress, they continue, ‘knowing’ they’re doing harm. Those in ‘power’ are completely checked out when it comes to the obvious harm they cause. It’s as if the harm is the goal they seek. It becomes a, Cart before the Horse, situation. Those in ‘power’ are not present enough with the feedback they receive to take it into consideration and modify their behavior. They continue on unconsciously despite what’s right in front of them.

“Torture works?” Abuse doesn’t work if your goal is to genuinely raise healthy, independent thinking adults or get to real truth. If the goal is to break a person’s will and get them to submit yours, yes, then abuse and torture work just fine.

 That was what I questioned at an early age in my own house and neighborhood. “Parents”/”adults” say they want to raise you to be happy and successful yet, they clearly don’t have the skills and do the opposite. Like those in control of our country who say they want peace and justice for all yet, are either blatantly lying or are completely incompetent or just deny their mistakes then simply make the outcome fit their “mistake”. 


At an action last week at Fr. Duffy Square in NYC a small group of activists brought the attention of Closing Guantanamo to the public. One activist in the classic orange Gitmo prisoner jumpsuit with a pin reading, Habeas Corpus. The one thing the system is stripping away. A writ of habeas corpus is a judicial mandate to a prison official ordering that an inmate be brought to the court so it can be determined whether or not that person is imprisoned lawfully and whether or not he should be released from custody. A habeas corpus petition is a petition filed with a court by a person who objects to his own or another’s detention or imprisonment. The petition must show that the court ordering the detention or imprisonment made a legal or factual error. Habeas corpus petitions are usually filed by persons serving prison sentences. In family law, a parent who has been denied custody of his child by a trial court may file a habeas corpus petition. Also, a party may file a habeas corpus petition if a judge declares her in contempt of court and jails or threatens to jail her.

‎ To find the truth and prove my own innocence at a young age I instinctively turned to exercise and fitness. In an attempt for my body to heal turning to weight training not only to help disperse the amount of rage and frustration I was being pumped with but, also to help realign my health, the mind/body back to some kind of balance where it’s meant to be. 

I went straight to the source for the answers. Straight to physics and my own findings. The whole point of exercise is to build, to cultivate and strengthen with the right amount of stress in the right amount of time. The same way a parent raises a healthy child. A healthy amount of responsibility at the right time of a child’s development. This takes Presence, a parent or any mature adult who is present and paying attention to the feedback. Lack of Presence is the Problem. Not paying attention is the problem. Having an agenda and making the outcome fit our preconceived agenda, which is backwards, instead of living fresh and accepting something new. This is what perpetuates the vicious cycle and prevents any change and improvement from happening. The minds of those in charge is literally Clogged, like a blocked artery, that actually rejects anything healthy due to so much build up. 

People in “power” have Psych Atherosclerosis. We’re living in a Mental/ Emotional Health crisis. Too many people do not look closely enough at their conditioning and how they’re trained to empower the 1% at their own and their children’s expense. Nature’s process has been turned upside down by the PTB and people are keeping everything going in a backwards direction. Without Real parents and leaders to raise children to be free, independent thinkers and feelers that challenge the system instead of raising them to go along like drones, the emotional, physical health of people will be at slave levels. Which is exactly what the PTB want.

The PTB WANT “Criminals”, they WANT “terrorists”. Nature, Health and solving problems are ENEMIES to this fake $$ system. The PTB have disconnected $ from being aligned with what’s right to being the opposite of it. $$ has completely broken away from reality and justice. $$ is a Debt note that fuels and supports war, hate, genocide, racism and violence.

The system is about $$, not about solving problems and doing what’s healthy and just. They wouldn’t make $$ then. That’s the reality. We’re ALL in line to be taken out sooner or later.

Humans, be them child or adult, need what they need. There’s NO negotiating it. Nature needs what it needs.

This is KEY; if the PTB can disconnect our mind/body connection they WIN. The people have been getting gradually DECAPITATED. If, as a child, our mind /body connection does not get a chance to strengthen and is, instead, weakened by those around us making us doubt what we feel and know, undermining who we are and the rightful amount of space we’re allowed to take up in this world, our health and mind/body connection lose resolve. We become like the detainees in Guantanamo and become broken. 

 The idea of ‘parenting’ was to break a child’s will. To do to a child exactly what is intended to do to detainees in Gitmo by interrogators and police to ‘perps’. In the Making a Murderer series the police easily intimidated Brandon Dassey into ‘confessing’ the same that was done to the Central Park 5. Like abusive parents, the police used their position of ‘power’ to intimidate and manipulate the CP5 into confessing to something they didn’t do by lying to them and telling them they would let them go home if they said they did it. 

 The scale is already way off balance from the start with the CP5 and Brandon Dassey in a vulnerable position with no reinforcement. Do the math. It isn’t difficult to figure out who’s going to lose. The vulnerable person is automatically GUILTY just because they’re vulnerable and nothing more. The ptb make them so and so does everyone who goes along with this criminal system. It’s completely backwards and the same thing that happens to children in their own homes over time by parents who aren’t even as vindictive. The less someone is there for the vulnerable, the more they’re sold out because not enough people want to do what’s challenging.