People are much more Ill than they realize

‎As uncomfortable as it is to hear, it must be said. I’ve lived it and been pointing it out for decades only to be beaten into submission by the very people who should be on my side.
 I can’t see how people are the least bit surprised or shocked by what’s taking place today since they’ve been the one’s funding all along.
 All I can share, as I’ve been, is my experience and what I witnessed. Not everyone of course, experienced what I experienced in the exact same way but, I do believe most people experienced it on some level. All the facts and evidence we’re living with today points to that fact.
 Example after example happening currently over and over ‎with this attack here and that death there is the macro cosm of the micro cosm I’ve tried to get people to see for 4 decades. The fact that those around you are too busy treating you like ‘what do you know, you’re only a kid’ proves it. The very people who should be there protecting and championing you the most are the very ones undermining and pulling the rug out from under you the most. I think many people, if they’re honest enough, can admit that their family of origin was less than healthy and supportive and yet, it gets minimized and the significance of what’s right in our faces gets overlooked. Meanwhile, this is what’s building up over time. People can’t even ‘see’ what they’re funding over time til it blows up in their face. And not even then.
 Last night on the radio show Organic News on that I’ve been doing for 3 years next month I interviewed Jennifer Loewenstein of Penn U Middle Eastern Studies. She is just another person I’ve interviewed among people like Stephen Zunes, Dr Dahlia Wasfi, Miko Peled, Norman Solomon as well as others I’ve heard report on it on non mainstream news, that it’s the U.S. Who funds these so-called, ‘terrorists’ and pretends to be trying to eradicate it.
 The podcast for the interview will be on the Awakeradio1 youtube channel. I asked Jennifer Loewenstein about the U.S. Being in the Middle East for 15+ some-odd years now so, where’s the improvement? If things are getting worse and groups like ISIS are getting larger and more radicalized then,??? There’s your answer. The U.S. Should be held accountable for creating a humanitarian disaster.
 Before I veer off and lose focus, I want to go back to the ‘family’ system. The signs and symptoms are right in front of people that they are the ones screwing themselves and those around them while following a system that’s pushing them over a cliff.
 I was completely on my own starting from around 6 years old, is as early as I can remember. ‎The ‘family’ was not family. It was just called that. No one was on each others side. I KNEW at around that age, that I was being robbed and sold out and there was no one to turn to and nothing I could do about it except do my best fighting for my life by myself. I will forever have PTSD and watch out for anyone around me as the enemy because that’s who will, ultimately, be the source of my demise.
 What people don’t understand about growing up in dysfunctional or abusive environments is that it completely screws up your health. Your mind/body can’t possibly grow right when you are not getting your BASIC needs met. And I’m not talking about food, clothes and shelter. I’m talking about emotional, developmental needs.
 Today I watched a video on lowering the age of those who get imprisoned or put in solitary confinement . It was a video asking people to call a # to ask an Assembly person to lower the age of people in Solitary Confinement. 16 & 17 years Olds ‘treated like adults’ and placed, not only in jail but, in solitary. Angelo Pinto was desribing what it does to the psychological development of a young person of that age to be placed into these abusive environments. When a young person is still developing and they’re in these unsupportive and abusive environments it delays their development. The young are not equipt to be handling the stresses being put on them. A point I’ve been trying to bring to people for decades about the abusive family system and why kids need healthy parents. The system we’re living in is so sick and the majority of people go along with it and scapegoat the young and criminalize them when they should be being supported and raised.
 There are NO leaders! Everyone has sold out the youth and the future. The video said something about teaching these young people about ‘accepting responsibility for their actions’. If I were eating or drinking I would have spit my food all over after reading that. So these young people can ‘take responsibility?’ Give me a break! What ‘adult’ takes responsibility? What ‘leader’ in ‘power’ takes responsibility for their actions? The whole reason these kids exist is because there are NO REAL adults! No real leaders. Then they blame the youth for being the way they are and mirroring back to society it’s own reflection. That’s not complicated.  They’re treating these youth like garbage when the real garbage is the system that creates those to be discarded. Humans garbage? Do you really believe that an efficient system would create human beings to be treated like garbage? It’s the system and those who run it who are the garbage. Nature doesn’t make garbage. Only man does.
 I grew up the EXACT same way. I stood up to and exposed the illegit ‘parent’ when I was young. My body is simply having a normal reaction to the totally sick environment I was forced to live in. Instead of the ‘leaders’ looking at themselves and taking responsibility that THEY are the ones who Created ‎the mess, they defend themselves at the expense of their own child and use the child as the scapegoat. That’s happening all over the world on a larger scale. The ‘terrorist’ issue is that very concept. So is the situation I aired on Organic News last night with the Aunt of Akia Gurley, Hertencia Petersen, and the remarks that Commissioner Bratton made in response to the comments of Assemblyman Charles Barron who said at the press conf last Thurs., ‘violence is inevitable’. When the people are doing everything peaceful in standing up for their rights and the PTB are not hearing them. The system continues to want to treat the people like they’re garbage and don’t have value. When the nature inside of people is saying otherwise. Sooner or later things are going to blow. No one is above the laws of nature. Maybe that’s what the system wants. That’s what it does with ISIS and all the other problems it claims to want to solve. The reality is. There’s too much $ to be made and people value fake, man made $ over real value like human life.
 It is imperative that the people end this system that will surely kill them. ‎
 Instead of those around me helping me cultivate myself when I was young to be the best, smartest person I could be, they did the opposite. Not ONE adult stepped up to the plate to help me raise my self worth and self confidence. They did the opposite. Like the system, they don’t want you to be smart. They’re threatened by your smarts and spirit. They pull the rug out from under you, tell you your wrong when you’re right. They believe, like many cops and military do today, that they’re benefitting more by treating you like garbage than if they treated you well. That’s how ignorant people are. They don’t even realize that they benefit more by treating others well. They’re so immature and deficient in their development, they get off on having power over you and abusing it rather than treating you with the worth, value‎ & support you deserve. They bebefit more when they do this. But, they’re too ignorant. This is how the health and emotional/spiritual deficiency gets perpetuated. ‘Parents’ don’t have the emotional maturity and affordability to raise their children to their full capability. They only raise you enough to go along with a system that’s screwing them.
 I liken it to a farmer that grows beautiful tomatoes then stomping on the result instead of utilizing it and eating and selling them. ‎

Albert Woodfox, 43 years in Solitary,”Buddy Caldwell and Burl Cain made this case personal”

Albert Woodfox was released last Friday after spending 43 years in Solitary Confinement in a 6 x 9 ft cell for 23 hrs a day in Angola prison in Louisiana, longer than anyone in the history of the United States. Albert Woodfox was one of 3 black me arrested in the 60’s for being involved wit the Black Panther party. He went straight to his mothers grave because he wasn’t allowed out when she died. He also visited his sisters grave who died while he was behind bars.

Albert was serving a 5 year sentence for armed robbery when he and another inmate, Herman Wallace, were accused of stabbing a Corrections Officer in 1972 extending his sentence. Albert and Herman always maintained their innocence and said they were targeted for organizing a chapter of the Black Panther party in the prison, protesting against horrific prison conditions. Along with a 3rd man, Robert King, were known as the Angola 3. Amnesty International and other groups campaigned to free the 3 men. Woodfox was the last of the 3 men to be freed. Robert King was freed in 2001 when his conviction of murdering an inmate was overturned. Herman Wallace was freed in 2013, a few days before dying of cancer but, the state refused to free Woodfox until last Friday.

Woodfox’ first conviction was overturned and the state of Louisiana retried him successfully in 1998. A federal Judge ruled in 2014 that Woodfox should be freed on the grounds of racial discrimination in his retrial. Then, Attorney General, Buddy Caldwell planned to try Albert Woodfox again. U.S. middle court judge, James Brady, ordered Albert’s release based on 5 facts; Albert’s age and poor health, the unavailability to provide witnesses, “This court lacks the confidence of the state to provide a fair 3rd trial, The prejudice done onto Mr Woodfox by spending 40 years in Solitary Confinement, and finally, the very fact that Mr. Woodfox has already been tried twice and would otherwise face a third trial for a crime that occurred over 40 years ago.” The 5th circuit then approved continued detention for Albert.

Amy Goodman asks Albert Woodfox how it feels to be “Free”. That would mean that all of us out here are free and nothing could be further from the truth. Albert Woodfox might not be it literal prison but, he is still in the prison in his mind and in this larger prison called society.

Albert Woodfox was able to read in is cell which enabled him to maintain his focus and not be broken by being in solitary and stay in touch with the outside world. He read history books and books on Malcolm X, Dr King, & James Baldwin. Albert was allowed 2 visitors a month but, his family was unable to come too much due to distance.

A key witness in the “murder” of the Corrections Officer said he witnessed the murder but, who’s credibility was questionable. At first the witness said he wasn’t anywhere around and knew nothing about the murder. A couple of night later he was dragged out of bed in the middle of the night and interrogated under bright lights and told by the guards on night duty if he helped them crack the case they would get the “witness” his freedom. The “witness”, Hezakiah Brown, then said the killers were Wallace and Woodfox.  Hilton Butler, a former Warden, is heard on tape saying that “you could words in Hezakiah Brown’s mouth.

Albert Woodfox stated that at that time he and Herman Wallace were very active in the prison organizing resistance around the corruption in the prison such as brutal beatings, and killings. It’s ironic that those organizing against brutal beatings and killings, even of the guard, are the ones blamed for killing the guard and put into CCR. Even the wife of the guard said she did not believe Woodfox and Wallace killed her husband. She said “It’s time the state stop acting like there’s any evidence that Albert Woodfox killed Brent. After years of looking at the evidence and soul searching and praying I realized I could not believe what I was told to believe by a state that did not take care of Brent while he was working at Angola and did not take care of me when he was killed”, Teenie Rodgers.

Long time Angola Warden Burl Cain said he would keep Woodfox in lockdown regardless of his crimes since, “I know he’s still trying to practice Black Pantherism”.


And Might I add,, This is EXACTLY how this ENTIRE country is run! People in “power”, from “Parents” to “Presidents”, Corporations and bankers (but corporations and banks are not in power to protect and raise the people), doing what ever they want irregardless of laws, truth, justice and facts.

I am so compelled to write after hearing stories like this because it’s the same situation I felt and experienced growing up in my house as a child. I’m not going to stop writing about my upbringing because I had no voice for so long, was silenced exactly like Albert Woodfox, Robert King and Herman Wallace not because of any facts, truth or evidence but, because of people abusing their power and making situations personal.

My story is very similar except it happened with people who are supposed to be family. I naturally protested in my house about the unacceptable conditions of domestic violence, stress and abuse I was forced to live with as a child. I’ve written about it on a previous blogs and have to write about it over and over to plead my own case of feeling guilty since I’m 8 years old for standing up for myself and needing those in “power” to do their jobs and at least make an attempt to create a decent, healthy environment I could grow in.

The same thing that happened to Wallace and Woodfox happened to me. It was personal. Who ever has power, as incompetent and they are, can just decide to make someone guilty and imprison them. The “family” is the easiest place this is done. “Parents” or a “parent” as in my case because my father was out of the house by the time I was 6, who are not emotionally mature, which most are not, can easily respond from a place of Personal and be triggered by a child’s healthy resistance and determination to assert their separateness.

I’ve read and studied many books on emotional and relationship health over the decades for this exact reason. It doesn’t matter who someone is or what their role in life is, if they’re emotionally immature and developmentally arrested they will abuse their power and do to innocent people what warden, Burl Cain and attorney general, Buddy Caldwell did to the Angola 3. The same thing my mother did to me. The very people depended upon to protect our rights, stand for truth and justice are doing the exact OPPOSITE and VIOLATING them instead!

I felt psychologically imprisoned my entire life not just from having my rights violated in my house by my “parent” but, when I stood up to that abusive parent I was guilted again by neighbors and other “adults” around me who all made excuses and let off the very person who is supposed to be there for me to rely on. So many people are programmed to let those in “power” off, even when they’re clearly wrong and abusive. People are completely Unconscious. This is what must be addressed. It’s the actions and the behaviors that need to be paid attention to, not what position a person holds. I call it, looking at the ingredients instead of the packaging. Look beneath the surface to who the person is, not what’s on the outside, like you would if you were on a date with someone.

Just as in the case of 28 year old Akai Gurley here in Brooklyn, NY, killed by NYPD Peter Liang last Nov when Peter Liang mistakenly fired his gun which ricocheted off a stairwell wall hitting Gurley in the chest killing him. Asians started rallying around Asian Peter Liang calling to get the conviction dropped saying it was accidental. The Aunt of Akai Gurley points out the same fact that I tried pointing out decades ago when people said the same thing about my mother, “oh, her abuse was unintentional, She didn’t mean to cause harm”, or “she couldn’t raise you good because nobody taught her”. All these “excuses” are Betrayals and NOT things ADULTS should be telling a child. Adults these days are total LOSERS and COWARDS and pretty soon it will be revealed because Nature does not tolerate excuses. People are Clearly Advocating then, being allowed to pass down their incompetence. They, literally, were telling me right to my face, just like in the case of Woodfox and Wallace, that people in “power” can do what ever they want and get away with it. The “adults”, instead of stepping up to the bar and being the smart, role model people children need and deserve, instead, guilt a child into submission and brainwash them into accepting garbage and abuse. THIS IS THE WORLD WE ARE LIVING IN.

In Akai Gurley’s case, his Aunt, Hertencia Petersen addressed the Asians rallying to let off Peter Liang telling them that if it was such a mistake killing her nephew then why didn’t Peter Liang do anything to help Akai Gurley? Why didn’t Peter Liang call for help instead of worrying about his job and calling his Union rep instead? Why didn’t Peter Liang administer CPR on Akai Gurley himself as he is trained instead of an untrained downstairs neighbor doing it?

The VERY SAME point I was left on my own to make as a CHILD to the “adults” I was surrounded by when they through all the Lame reasons not ONE adult could be there for you. If my mother was so unintentional, then why didn’t she apologies, why didn’t she do anything to make up for the harm she clearly caused? Why didn’t she admit responsibility as she was, instead of trying to save herself and pawn the responsibility onto me, the total innocent one? Why didn’t she ever do anything to change her behavior and try to do better? Instead, she just kept right on doing the same behavior for the rest of her life.

Is natural law going to simply be suspended because a “parent” calls in sick indefinitely? Is a child magically going to not have needs that must be met just because a “parent” is incompetent and emotionally unfit? People think if they have excuses natural law is going to just be suspended and let them off the hook. Nature will function no matter what and people will need what they need and deserve what they deserve irregardless of whether or not someone in power likes it or not.

All people deserve to be healthy and free. All people deserve to grow to be their unique selves and share their unique talents and gifts with the world. For anyone to assert themselves and their spirit, especially in conditions of abuse and brutality, is called NORMAL and HEALTHY. For a warden or a “parent” to want to crush a person simply for being healthy and asserting their rights, self worth and practice Black Pantherism because they feel threatened and get off on using their power to violate people’s rights is the most egregious abuse of power there is. These people in power are there to UPHOLD LAWS, UPHOLD JUSTICE, PROTECT PEOPLE’S RIGHTS, NOT VIOLATE THEM. How this Attorney General got away with it is also due to the fact that people in the “justice” system bow to people in power worse than the Angola 3 did. Why doesn’t someone in the Justice system in Louisiana step up and say something about the abuse of power that’s going on to get the warden and AG held accountable?

When are people going to function according to nature and health instead of what’s on the surface? This judge completely disregarded LAW, DUE PROCESS, the CONSTITUTION and made a case personal! That’s OUTRAGEOUS! And those responsible for keeping Albert Woodfox in Solitary for 43 years need to be arrested and placed in Solitary themselves!


The Poisoning of a city and it wasn’t done by international Terrorists

An UNELECTED emergency “manager” appointed by Gov. Snyder switched the water supply from the Detroit system they had been using for half of a century to the toxic Flint river to try to save $5 million. Right after the switch the residents of Flint started complaining about the foul odor and discolored water that, also, caused a variety of health issues. Initially, the water was infested with bacteria until the city added chlorine which created trihalomethanes or TTHM’s, a cancerous chemical by-product. Legionaires disease, born from the contaminated water, spread to the Flint residents that killed 10 people and left many others ill. The corrosive water was damaging Flint’s aging pipes creating lead contamination most prominently in the children.

Gov. Snyder and other “officials” ignored then covered up the complaints from the residents, for a year and a half, who started fighting back with protesting, citizen journalism, a new elected mayor and a resident lead testing project.

“In 2011 Gov Snyder signed into law the emergency manager law”, said Claire McClinton of the Flint Democracy Defense league who’s been challenging “emergency managers” for years. Under the guise of being fiscally responsible, EM’s were sent into city’s and school districts they deemed in fiscal crisis who were majority African American. They were privatizing services and selling off the assets. The garbage collection was privatized and the parks were sold off. “There’s a coordinated, aggressive effort to privatize our water system which is how we came to this poison water catastrophe”. The people were told that the Detroit water was too expensive and they were going to “cheaper water”. Claire McClinton said it was the GM plant that contaminated the Flint river dumping all their toxins in it, which was the “cheaper water” for the interim. “We don’t just have a water problem, we got a Democracy problem. We got a dictatorship problem”. Flint was the first city to elect an African American mayor. “We’re not the type of people that’s used to being walked on”.

Another resident who needed clean water for her grandson said, she paid a bill of $109 to stop a water shut off.

I do not understand this at all. She was going to have the poison water shut off and she paid $109 to keep it from being turned off. That makes no sense. Don’t pay it! Why would you pay to keep poison water running in your house? I did an interview last night with Sherry Peel Jackson, former IRS agent, CPA and certified fraud examiner on her book, Stick it to the IRS. She did time in jail standing up to the IRS and now teaches others about the fraudulence of the IRS. She said people give all their power over to the IRS and they end up getting screwed, losing their businesses and even their lives from break downs and suicide. She teaches people to own their power and stop giving it away to institutions that take total advantage of the naietivity of people. This is what happens when people give up their fitness and their connection to nature and their gut in exchange for a fake, nam-made system. I’ve tried telling this to people for decades. Now more people are seeing that it’s true. That the system in this country is a total fraud.

Stand UP! Fight back! I was shamed and guilted as a young person and a teen for standing up to and calling out abusive and neglectful “parents by neighbors and relatives. THEY WERE WRONG and I was the one doing the right thing. Every “adult” around me was training me to bow and live with little dignity. I was literally beaten into walking around this planet with such little self worth. Real family should be raising their child and teaching them to defend themselves, stand up for themselves. Its the most basic thing to teach a child. Instead< i was learning the exact opposite, to feel bad for standing up for myself and not bowing to who, I knew in my gut, were not real family.

People are totally brainwashed to bow and they learn it IN the “Home” by “parents” who are followers. I was smart enough at an early age to speak truth to power and I was backed by no one. People do not know their rights and they were passing down the same mentality to me and I was aware enough at an early age and felt it. Had people supported me and come together we would not be living in this kind of world. This is why we’re where we are today. I had doing the right thing beaten right our of me by ignorant people. Taking the way nature and health work and rewiring it so I would be easier to control. It ended up blowing up right in my mother’s face. How can people not recognize the right thing when it’s right in front of them? Talk about a health crisis.

“I respect him because he’s the Gov. of Michigan”, said Kawanne Armstrong of Flint, the woman who came to ask for help getting water for her grandson. People deserve respect when they give respect. People do not deserve respect automatically because they’re in a “power” position. Gov. Snyder is Not treating the residents of Flint with even minimal respect and doesn’t deserve it in return. Period.

Due to growing up in such a broken, chaotic environment standing up to abuse of power instinctually kicked in early in my life. It was healthy and natural to stand up to corruption even at “home”. The body is never wrong. The body and it’s signals are what we should be aligning with, not destroying.

I have to speak out because what I’ve tried to wake people up to decades ago that no one wanted to listen to and take seriously, is now, a much larger problem and getting worse. From living in a completely incompetent “family” with “parents” who were incapable of, or had no plans to do their job and take responsibility and were more than happy to pass down their irresponsibility onto those who deserved it the least, their own children. It’s totally CRIMINAL what happens and what is happening to children in their own “families” and there’s no where for the to turn and No one to be an advocate for them. The more parenting gets eroded and diluted over time, like is the trend since everything is about $, just like the environment, soil erosion and animal slaughter, living things that are speaking up but, are just not speaking up in English. Nature speaks a more clear language that cannot be denied, But, Sociopaths find a way.


 The reason I feel it necessary to write about the abusive/dysfunctional ‘family’ system is because that is the source of how and where people learned to be sheople. With all the corruption from the Powers That Be and the Flint water crisis that was an Inside Job and everything else that’s happening in the world, not enough people are taking a close enough look at the source of where they learned to be the way they are in life. Be someone perpetrator, abuser of power, or the one being abused, it important to look at your own part in the ‘relationship’. Just like in a marriage gone bad, if both parties involved don’t look at how they contributed to the failed relationship, it just ends up continuing. The problem comes from the fact that it’s usually the one being short changed that complains and wants to see changes. Many times it could be both parties who are equal contributors whether they’re the perp or the aggressor. It\’s usually the aggressor that refuses to look at how they contribute to the problems. One person, the aggressor usually, is the person who conveniently has a blind spot and doesn’t want to look at and take responsibility for their contribution to the problems.
 This is what we are living in LARGE SCALE‎.
 I did my best decades ago when I was young to get people to see how they were perpetuating their own demise. When and where I was ‘growing up’ it was right in your face that the family system is falling apart, there is no community, there is no one there for the youngest and most vulnerable. The very people who need the most protection, the very people who should be the reason for stepping up and making a better world end up being those who are used to dump all the garbage and emotional excuses onto and get away with it.
 These problems with the water crisis in Flint is literally the Macro of the Micro. Amy Goodman asked Melissa Mayer of Water We Fighting For,‎ a Flint resident who’s 3 boys, she says, are now anemic and have other health problems from the lead contaminated water. Melissa said they were A students and now suffer brain ‘fog’, bone pains and compromised immune systems. Melissa, herself, has a host of illnesses including diverticulosis, seizures and liver problems. “The by products in the water are all neurotoxins, copper, lead, aluminum, tin chromium, things that our bodies can’t handle”.
 This is the exact same issue I tried raising on my own as a child to the “adults” around me that were supposed to be protecting me! I was being subjected to stress and emotional torture that a child is not equipt to handle and had my health permanently compromised from it. Who is going to admit that what is being handed down to future generations is betrayal when the ones who should be protecting are the ones doing the betraying like Gov Snyder? To this day we don’t hear anything about the abuse of children in the home. I wonder why that is?
 Speaking about Governor Snyder, Melissa Mays said “he needs to removed from office. he just doesn’t show any real concern”, she said. “He hasn’t put any real effort into actually making up for the failures of his agencies”. It’s like hearing my words come out of someone else’s mouth. The words I tried so many times as a CHILD to express to the “adults” around me who just couldn’t be bothered because then, they would have had to actually DO something. Imagine being a child and having to deal with a crisis like the people in Flint are dealing with? Imagine being a child and those who are in the position of power showing no concern for the people they’re entrusted to protect? If it’s like this for adults dealing with abuse of power, imagine what it’s like for a child with their own “parents” and neighbors?
 Melissa is bringing forth the very same concerns I, myself, was forced to bring up as a young child to the very people making me sick. The ‘family’. You were born because it was against the Catholic Church to have an abortion, and you’re treated like it was your own fault you were conceived and exist. I was treated like I was some unwanted visitor who was criminalized for being healthy and needing ‘parents’ to do their job and protect my health and help me to grow. Doesn’t this sound like Debt? Doesn’t this sound like the signs and symptoms of “Social Climate Shift?” The passing down of the debt and pollution to the very people who should be inheriting a healthy planet, love and respect?
 Amy Goodman then brought up being from NYC where 911 attack on the World Trade Center attack took place and the Pentagon in DC, then said, “the Government said after that the biggest fear is that an international terrorist would poison the water supply of a major city. Well, AN INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST DIDN’T DO THIS and a major city’s water supply has been poisoned. The Michigan Government, the Governor, Rick Snyder is involved in this”.
Melissa Mays’ reply was to say that in times of war under the Geneve Convention, a country cannot contaminate a cities water supply. “We’re not in war but, guess what, it seems like it because a whole city’s water supply was poisoned by our state government and allowed to continue. They knew in October of 2014, when GM said they couldn’t use the water anymore, that it was corroding the car parts. If it’s not ok for car parts, how is it ok for citizens?”
 More people are finding out what an abused child feels like in their own home. More often, it’s an Inside job.
 When you have to stand up and fight for yourself AGAINST the VERY people who should be protecting and supporting you and instead, Fault you for pointing out to them that they are the ones making you ill, that should be seen as a very serious environmental concern but, of course, it isn’t. ‎
‎I’m am simply looking at math and facts. I was living in utter TERROR as a child and throughout my entire young, and even older, life. I pulled my eyelashes out from the 2nd through the 5th grade and other self mutilation not to mention emotional self mutilation. The problem only gets worse when there is no one to turn to who is a Real adult and would actually admit that you’re being harmed by the very people entrusted to care for you the most. I tried telling neighbors and others who can clearly See what was happening. But, you’re surrounded by low- bar, ignorant people that have no idea that they should be responding and stepping up to the plate. Neighbors and everyone around minimize it all because most people are in on the dumbing down of children who are going to be the ‘future’ so they will be easy to control by the Powers that Be. Those around me were threatened by me and the built in instincts and health that automatically gets brought out when something healthy is subjected to something unhealthy.
 Instead of the unhealthy admitting that they’re the unhealthy and irresponsible and moving towards healthy, they make the healthy, innocent child the Bad guy and criminalize them for being too healthy. They make nature wrong instead of using nature as the guideline to move towards fitness which is a normal activity when people learn to walk or ride a bike.  ‎
 Nature is being desecrated in more ways than people realize. Their moral health is being eroded by fake, GMO $ like the pipes in Flint by the lead contamination.
 I got on this path before I realized how bad things trully were. I had no idea when I started teaching myself about mental/emotional health that I would end up feeling like a criminal. ‎It’s extremely clear that $ is at the expense of community and healthy relationships. Not just Globally but, in people’s homes and marriages.
 The world is going, at a rapid pace, in the opposite direction I’ve been going in all my life. Growing up in domestic violence, divorce and abuse forced my body, naturally, to move towards healing, relationship skills, conscious communication and the desire to cultivate healthy relationships that can only give us the nutrition we need by following nature. Skipping over any of nature’s process will simply bring us GMO relationships and poor nutrition. Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Really Sick people. Really mentally sick ‎people who have the entire Globe rigged. Not necessarily in their favor because, in reality they’re sick addicts who are destroying themselves too. Those who’ve rigged the system want to keep people confused as to what’s real, healthy and truly satisfying in this world. Because they’re addicted to fake wealth they want everyone to be.

Residents of Flint are victims of “Environmental Racism”, says attorney Thomas Stephen of the NLG


The Flint water crisis is another example of the macro cosm of the micro cosm of the abusive “family”.

One resident in Flint said she is still being billed for water even though the residence of Flint have been poisoned by contaminated water by the city. And not only are the residents still being billed, they’re bills are higher than they were, for tainted water! Protests continue in Flint over the contamination of the water supply. Congress held the first hearing last week on the crisis of lead poisoning in the water supply but no one responsible for the catastrophe will be testifying. Not the Governor Rick Snyder nor Flint’s former unelected emergency manage Darnell Earley. Earley announced last week his resignation from his current job as emergency manager of Detroit public schools. Darnell Early also refused to testify when he was subpoenaed to by the U.S. House Oversight Government Reform Committee.

One person who did testify was hand picked to run the State Department of environmental “quality”, Keith Creagh. Cheagh is expected to blame the faulty Governmental Protection agency for their contribution to the crisis for not displaying a sense of urgency the crisis demanded. Though many residents of Flint are demanding the Governor Rick Snyder to resign, he was not one of those who testified.

Just discovered emails showed Michigan officials began trucking in clean water to a State Building in the city of Flint last January, a long time before admitting to the residents the water was contaminated. Progress Michigan obtained the emails and told Mother Jones they poke holes in the Governors timeline as to when they  knew, or “started to have concerns” the water was poisoned.

Thomas Stephens from the National Lawyers Guild and Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management said last week, “How could they do this? Once the water started flowing in April of 2014 and it was brown and yellow and tasted bad and smelled bad and gave people chemical burns how could they possible allow it to continue for 18 months? And take no action and since then their action has been the clumsiest cover up I’ve ever seen in my Life”. Who was responsible for this and who was responsible for that, the Governor’s supporters trying to divert focus off who’s truly responsible.

“There’s a broader historical significance”, said Tom Stephens. “In the 1990’s for a brief period of time when it seemed like there might be some relief in the offing of the environmental authorities for ‘environmental racism’. There was a Presidential order in the Clinton administration on environmental justice. There was draft guidance by the EPA in the late 80’s that began the process of responding to this disproportionate adverse environmental risk that people of low-income, especially people of color are exposed to. It was in Flint that the previous Governor, John Engler, and his EDQ director, Russell Harding, leading the charge that the EPA, the EDQ and the state of Michigan decided, ‘NO, were not going to provide the kind of protection these communities need to have the kind of environment and public health that are enjoyed in white communities”.

Stephens went on, “The infamous ‘Select Steal’ decision, the EPA under enormous political pressure, from both Dems and Reps in Congress threatening to cut their funding they weren’t going to apply a civil rights analysis. The reason why the good explanation for what the Snyder Administration did is ‘Unbelievable Incompetence’ is because this is the policy they put in place 25 years ago”.

The Privatization of Water

” Stephen continued, “A state where this Governor instituted the Emergency Management Policy, which is like Privatization on steroids, total privatization of Government. South eastern Michigan has 2 water authorities. Karegnondi water authority which is digging a pipe to Lake Huron and the Great Lakes water authority is taking over the older infrastructure of the Detroit sewage department. While the “authorities are being created you have poisoning of the water of poor people of color and mass water shut offs in violation of the human right to water and sanitation in Detroit.”

“What’s happening is the resource, very essence of life itself, water, is being privatized and subjected to a very bottom line approach that is in violation of the most vulnerable people in the state”, said Stephen.

That is was done to save $$ or is it something else? “Flint and Detroit were under state appointed emergency managers accountable only to the Governor and EMPOWERED TO OVERRIDE CONTRACTS & LAWS. During the same time period, they approved, a story in the Detroit News today, of behind the scenes meetings of the Governor himself, the emergency managers and the water authorities in Detroit & Flint. The decision to start a new water authority in Flint and invest all the $ and resources involved in that kind of operation, the decision to cut it off the Detroit sewage and water system which is now the Great Lakes Water Authority at a cost of around 12 million to that system makes no economic sense. From the perspective of emergency management which is supposed to be about fiscal integrity of municipalities. It makes no sense to start a new authority and deprive the existing system of revenue. So the question is, WHY DID THEY DO IT? It most certainly comes down to the political and economic power that local officials get. If you can build a system like this then you control development and if somebody owns a lot of property and wants to do development and make a lot of $ by creating residential suburb or selling the property they need water and drainage. So, if you have control over that in your area you have an immense source of power and $ and I think that’s what’s behind it. IF GOVERNOR SNYDER IS TIED TO THAT, THAT WILL BE THE END OF HIS CAREER”.

The focus then went to an elected member of the Detroit Board of Education, Tawanna Simpson. The Detroit BoE was under the same Emergency Manager, Darnell Earley, as who’s responsible for the water crisis in Flint.

“Emergency Management is about taking over our schools, suspending democracy and not educating our children. They then, show a clip of a Detroit student, Wisdom Morales, talking about the poor condition of the school he’s forced to attend. “I’ve gotten used to seeing rats everywhere and dead bugs. I try to ignore the graffiti on the walls when I use the bathroom. It makes me feel sick inside”.

“It’s heartbreaking”, said Tawanna Simpson. Miss Simpson was locked out of a section of a Detroit school to keep the board members from seeing the deplorable conditions of that section of the Public School.

“it’s a racist policy”, Thomas Stephens said, “under the E.M. statute the elected school board in Detroit has no power at all. The E.M. has all the power. They only have the power the EM chooses to give them and he gives them none. The idea that a white Republican Governor in Lansing appointing a single individual, of whatever race, to run a city without accountability to anyone accept the Governor and with the power to override laws & contracts, was bound to be harmful to these communities. It’s turned out to be more harmful than we feared”.

I have no choice but to write about the Macro cosm of the micro cosm that I’ve been trying to speak out against since the early 70’s. More and more I hear people speaking out about the same issues I tried to speak out about since I was at least 6 about the abuse and neglect in the “family” system. It’s hard enough dealing with all the corruption of this world as an adult when people speak out and try to hold those in power positions to account. When you’re a child trying to do it by yourself towards a “parent” or person who you should be able to rely on and who’s betraying that trust is next to impossible.

Health is health and having your health harmed no matter what the situation or circumstances should be a cause for massive concern.

Thomas Stephen talked about water as “the very essence of life itself is being privatized and subjected to a very bottom line approach that is in violation of the most vulnerable people in the state”.

When a “parent” or another person who is supposed to protect and stand up for a child ends up being the very person who betrays that trust, what does a child do? Where does a child go for help? What recourse does a child have? How can a child protect themselves? Who is ensuring that “parents” are doing their job?

If water is the essence of life, what is love, caring, emotional support, protection and the security that a child should feel in their own home with their own families? I never hear anyone talk about the abuse and neglect that goes on in “families” where a child is the most vulnerable and has no where to turn in many cases.

I was one of these children that now has no choice but to speak out and stand up for myself because those who were supposed to be doing it, and other “adults” and neighbors around didn’t step up either and, instead, do what the city and EM of Flint did and cover up and allow the most vulnerable people to take the fall.

I’m calling out ALL abusive “parents” who don’t step up to the plate and do right by their children and who, instead, leave their child to inherit the pollution and the debt.

I’m pointing out many “families” run just like the city of Flint. There is no greater potential to abuse the vulnerable than in the “family” by the child’s own parents. People do not like to hear it and no one wants to do anything about the harm that is done. People in power do not want to be held accountable and those under them don’t even want to hold them accountable. We live in a Collective Co Dependent, Dysfunctional society.

Lead poisoning in the water in Flint MI and emotional poisoning from “parents” in the “family” system are the same thing. Only, in the second case the vulnerable are even more victimized. The fact that the vulnerable are unable to stand up for themselves they actually REQUIRE a Real adult, a decent, honest, trust worthy person to stand up for them. If there is no one good enough to be there for them, what happens? There’s a break down. That young person is literally becoming an accomplice in their own abuse. The child or even an adult, with no power, has no choice but to blame themselves and “bail out” the abuser. If, by chance, the vulnerable is able to stand up they risk being punished and retaliated against. Their health is robbed and they have no choice but to do that to someone else who is more vulnerable then them. It’s what the banks do. Steal real wealth and resources using fake $$ wealth.

This is Very dangerous because there is NO one to alert others of a problem. The vulnerable willingly take on what they should NOT be taking on out of fear. The very innocent position a child or subservient person is in makes them ripe to be taken advantage of by an emotionally immature person n power.

This, to me, is the greatest betrayal. It’s “Child Pollution”. A child learns to accept the debt and mistreatment being put on them. The direction the flow should be going in ends up going the other way. A signal we all should be relying on to alert us to an issue or a break down is no longer functioning. Those who are supposed to be in charge are the very ones tampering with the signal the child should be giving off alerting an Adult to a problem and now it’s the other way around. This sets ALL of us up for a worse kind of crisis than what is happening in Flint. It creates HUMAN DEBT, where it retards the development of the vulnerable person which, then in turn, makes them do that to another vulnerable person when they get older and, perhaps, in power. It’s stealing from the future instead of passing value forward. It’s an environmental catastrophe.

The environmental break down of the “family” and teaching children to take on emotional debt and pollution that they do not deserve and is not theirs leaves those who should be held responsible completely off the hook. It’s a kind of family/social “soil erosion”. And nature will not keep silent. Training nature to function the way people want instead of the way it is meant to fitness wise will create such devastating effects eventually. The flow that is supposed to be going in one direction ends up flowing backwards. It’s the family version of the Flint Water crisis, and WHO is talking about it?

This is the Core of all our problems. The environmental crisis, the erosion of the mental, emotional and spiritual health of human beings. That Debt gets passed down to who is ever below that person. Just like a “parent” in the abusive “family” , the EM gets to override contracts and laws and do what ever they want. A person in a power position should be the one who is Most in alignment with and adhering to natural law,, NOT the one who gets to abuse their power the most by overriding it! That would be the OPPOSITE of true authority.

The crisis of the Flint water is a metaphor and a reflection of the health of those in power. They created the situation that matches their level of mental health.

I should not have had to stand completely alone as a child standing up for myself when those who should be reinforcing me and standing WITH me were, instead, standing in opposition. The fact that people do not see the signs and symptoms of a break down in the “family” and then take steps to turn the flow in the direction it’s supposed to go in is not good. People in power robbing from those they’re supposed to be protecting should be a glaring signal of a much larger problem. And when, instead, it’s met with complacency and unresponsiveness, like those dealing with the Flint water crisis who took a year to alert the public and address the truth, the poison has long infected the people.

What should have not even happened to me as a child could have at least been addressed and dealt with, turning the situation around. But, instead, neighbors and other “adults” around did nothing.

All the signs were there that my health was being harmed in my “home” as a child; I was telling people I was being neglected, I had no eyelashes due to pulling them out from stress from the 2nd through the 5th grade, I self mutilated, I was depressed, I had excessive shame, I felt a dark “cloud” enter my body at around 8 years old from feeling oppressed and neglected.

If this was happening to people today getting ill from Flint water they would at least be able to sue the city and get reparations. What do I get? I’ve been dealing with trauma and feelings of emotional illness and terror all my life from living in that house. If that isn’t having one’s health harmed than I don’t know what is. How is someone abused at a young age supposed to hold those responsible into account? We can’t even get Gov. Snyder held to account. He gets “asked” to resign instead of just being arrested like any of us would. People in “power” should be arrested even MORE and faster, not slower.

Darnell Early gets to not show up for his subpoena to testify! MORE abuse of power! On top of the already monumental harm he’s has already caused. What is is about holding people in power accountable that is so difficult? There’s a health crisis to look at.

Sundance Film Festival, Audrie and Daisy, The depiction of society’s breakdown

  Two teen girls in two separate states in the U.S., both sexually assaulted while passed out from too much drinking and partying, both bullied and harassed on social media. Both atetmpted suicide, one succeeded.
Sept 2 2012, 15 year old Audrie Pott, a Saratoga, CA Sophmore went to a party where she got drunk and passed out. Believing she was safe in the company of teens she knew since middle school, she was instead, sexually assaulted by 3 of the boys while she lay unconscious. The boys undressed her, wrote on the body obscenities in permanent marker, covered half her face black, drew on her breasts, wrote the word ‘anal’ on her back with an arrow pointing downward all while the 3 boys took pictures on their cell phones. When Audrie woke with marker all over her she had no idea what happened. In the next couple of days Audrie tried to piece together what happened. She asked one of the boys to delete the photos they posted. “I know have a reputation I can never get rid of”, Audrie posted before being pushed to take her own life 8 days later by hanging herself on the shower head at her house. Her mother found her shortly after.
 It doesn’t end there. Her peers mocked and bullied her ‎on social media for a week after it happened. ‎Audrie Potts mother Sheila told her story today on Democracy Now last week. She describes her daughter going to her friends house on the weekend as usual while the parents of the friend were out of town. Audrie got drunk and didn’t have control before she passed out. 3 of the boys then, took Audrie into another room locking the door and proceeded to take off her clothes, sexually assault her, marked her body with marker while taking pictures with their cell phones.
  “It was normal activity”, Sheila Pott said of her daughter going to stay over her friends house for the weekend. They had planned a party when one of the friend’s parents were out of town and had 11 or 12 friends they grew up with come over. Audrie got really drunk and passed out. The boys at the party carried Audrie into another room and locked the door. They took of her clothes, wrote obscenities on her body and breasts with a marker and colored half her face black. They “did things to her”, Sheila Pott said. They drew the word anal on her back with an arrow pointing down. They wrote suggestive, sexually degrading things and Audrie didn’t know any of it was happening. Audrie woke the next day with the aftermath, without her clothes and writing all over her. Audrie found out that day that pictures were taken of her while she was undressed. “Audrie was devastated”, her mother said, “She was a very private person, very self conscious of her body”.
 Audrie called her Mom to pick her up which was very unusual, it was usually her Mom that called her and said to come home. Sheila Pott said she didn’t see any evidence to think Audrie was assaulted.
 The following week Audrie went to school and had friends sleep over that weekend, things seemed normal. Sheila Pott picked Audrie up from school that Monday and asked Audrie what was wrong. Audrie remained quiet and her Mom kept pressing her to disclose what was bothering her. Audrie said she wanted to leave the school. “Did you get into a fight with your friends?” Sheila asked her, “I only have 2 friends”, was Audrie’s reply. Sheila Pott said she and her daughter were close and Audrie confided in her a lot and so did her friends. Things like teen drinking, being responsible, etc. Audrie went into the bathroom and a short time later her mother went to go and check on her. When she didn’t answer her mother broke the door in and found Audrie hanging fro the shower head. “I couldn’t believe this would happen”, Sheila said. “What happened, What went wrong?” The Sunday after Audrie’s memorial her mother learned of the assault when the Sheriff came to her house. One of the girls at the party who wrote a letter to the school administration who then, started an investigation.
 When asked if she thought the system failed her daughter, Shelia Pott said, “Yes”. The authorities were “upfront” in telling Sheila Pott that it would be “unusual to see any jail time” in juvenile cases. The boys go back to the same school. Class mates didn’t know what happened. Many believed Audrie was consensual.
“She was not conscious, she did not consent”, said Sheila Pott. “We wanted to clear Audrie’s name”.
 Audrie asked the boys she knew since she was a child, “she trusted them”, said Audries mother, to delete the photos from social media. Audrie felt like she had no control because she couldn’t remember any of it. Audrie felt that all the high schools in the area knew about the incident.
 The settlement for Sheila Pott and Audrie was Non Monetary. Audries mother wanted those who were involved to admit that Audrie was unconscious and was not consensual. The boys had to do 10 presentations admitting what they did to Audrie and apologize publicly. They had to agree to be in the documentary and ask the school if she could graduate with her class. “She didn’t ask for it, she didn’t deserve it, it’s wrong”, said Sheila Pott. “I would have liked to see a longer sentence. The message was were not going to take it seriously, to the girls and you’ll not get expelled and get a slap on the wrist to the boys”.
 The second story of Daisy Coleman, a 14 year old Freshman, was much the same except she was unsuccessful at committing suicide. She and a 13 year old friend were drinking when they were picked up by boys they knew. Daisy says Matthew Barnett sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious, while Jordan Zech, a star high school wrestler, took videos.
 Later on that same night, the boys dumped Daisy Coleman in her front yard in the freezing cold snow, where her mother found her, half-frozen and with frost bite, in the morning. Charges were initially brought and dropped against the boys accused, which raised suspicions the Nodaway County prosecutor was under the influenced that Matthew Barnett was a football player and his grandfather was as a Missouri state representative. Daisy’s mother, Melinda, began raising questions, and lost her job. Their house in Maryville mysteriously burned to the ground. Daisy was suspended from cheerleading and relentlessly bullied. People told her she was “asking for it” and would “get what was coming.” Daisy was hounded on social media, she was called a skank and a liar, and told to kill herself, which she tried to do, multiple times.
 When Daisy’s mother, Melinda, took her daughter to the hospital for the frostbite and red marks and “tears” on her genitals, the doctor informed Melinda that her daughter was raped and both Melinda and Daisy broke into tears.
 The Computer group Anonymous got involved in Daisy’s story and made a video condemning Maryville for not doing their job and totally mishandling Daisy’s case,
 I don’t know what most people think about a case like this and I actually fear knowing what most people think and feel. But, if they’re anything like the entire town that turned on these 2 girls, we’re in really big trouble. My fear is that so many people will become dirty and polluted that there will be no Clean people to appeal to anymore. Most people don’t think of Clean people the way they think about clean water, fresh air & clean food. I’ve bee talking about Clean, healthy relationships and their importance since the 70’s. People won’t find out until it’s too late, when crimes like these happen to people and they find there are not enough CLEAN people to turn to. The Sheriff, lawyers, the school, the judges, who told Sheila Pott, “It’s unusual to see jail time in cases like this”, because it’s a juvenile case. That blows my mind! In NYC we have kids in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for utter Nonsense and NON crimes like jumping turnstiles in the subway, having small amounts of marijuana on them, a crime they “might” commit using Stop & Frisk. Also, Kalief Browder, a 16 year old black youth arrested for “stealing a backpack”. He spent 3 years on Rikers Island much of which was spent in solitary confinement. Kaleif was beaten by guards and inmates. Kalief attempted suicide multiple times while in prison. Kalief was held in Rikers Island WITHOUT trial or charge! When he was finally released he succeeded in killing himself ( he really was murdered by the system) by hanging himself out a second story window at his house using an air conditioner cord.
 The “Justice” system created a Debtors prison in a city near Ferguson, MI where it jailed people for not being able to pay bogus tickets cops wrote them basically, so the city can get $$. The entire economy of the town functioned off the $ they stole from the public and stopping them for bogus traffic stops.
 From Democracy Now;
 Last February 2015 more than a dozen St. Louis-area residents filed class-action lawsuits against Ferguson and another suburb, Jennings. The residents accuse local officials of creating a “modern debtors’ prison scheme” that targets African Americans with arrests and fines and then locks them up when they cannot pay. A study last year by the ArchCity Defenders found a large part of the revenue for several St. Louis counties comes from fines paid by African-American residents disproportionately targeted for traffic stops and other low-level offenses. In Ferguson, fines and fees were the city’s second-largest source of income in fiscal year 2014. Ferguson issued on average nearly three warrants per household last year — the highest number of warrants in the state, relative to its size.
 We have a SERIOUS problem in this country and world. $$ and nature/health are split. The privileged acting as Criminal and offensive as they want and getting away with it while the most vulnerable get raped, arrested, solitarily confined, killed, droned and t

NYPD Peter Liang trial for accidentally shooting to death Akai Gurley

After giving statement to the press during a lunch break on Monday, the aunt of Akai Gurley who was shot and killed by a bullet fired accidentally by NYPD Peter Liang Nov 20 2014 in the pink houses in east NY Brooklyn while on vertical patrol.

I sat for the first day of trial on Monday for NYPD cop, I don’t use the term Officer, Peter Liang who fired his gun that ricocheted off a stair well wall hitting Akai Gurley in the chest killing him.

 November 20, 2014 at the Pink Houses, 2724 Linden Blvd. in east NY Akai Gurley and his girlfriend Melissa Butler took the stairs when the elevator took too long at around 11pm at night. Peter Liang and his partner, Shaun Landau, were ‎doing vertical patrol.
 The lighting in the stair well at the Pink Houses ‎on the 7th fl were out. Possibly a second fl also, that wasn’t clear. However, there was no threat, no crime, no call on radio and yet Peter Liang had his gun drawn and finger on the trigger.
 The prosecuting attorney did a good job during opening statement. Marc Fliedner made the point that NYPD modified the trigger on their guns, the 9MM Semi auto, making it harder to fire the gun by making it harder to pull the trigger. He said PL violated training by having his gun out. The prosecutor got down on his knee in front of the jury illustrating how PL didn’t even get close to Akai Gurley to help him in anyway after shooting him as AG lay bleeding on the stairwell landing. The fact that PL didn’t do anything to help AG after “accidentally” shooting him was no accident.
That is also what’s being argued. That also makes PL guilty.
 The words of PL’s partner were, “What the fuck just happened?” PL’s response was “I shot by accident”.  Then, the fact that PL was more concerned with losing his job and contacting the union instead of radioing  the shooting and calling for help. The 2 partners argued for 4 mins not even knowing someone was shot and that Akai Gurley ran down the 2 flights then lay bleeding on the 5th Fl landing.
 It ended up being the 4th fl neighbor, Melissa Lopez, who was asked to call 911 by AG’s girlfriend‎, Melissa Butler. Melissa Lopez didn’t even know it was the 2 cops who appeared at the 5th fl landing while she was on the call with 911 who were responsible for the shooting. She thought they showed up as a result of her 911 call.
 ‎ The defense attorney, in her opening statement, asked the jury to find the defendant innocent after she went through a mirade of lame excuses; it’s a “high crime” area, that they were on their way to the roof where it’s a known crime area. Wall St is a high crime area, the pink houses is a by-product. Places like the pink houses are there to give people like Peter Liang the belief that he’s “doing” something, has a job which is nothing more than keeping the “poor” exactly where they are and the “rich”, really insane Madmen, where they are.
 Other excuses were the lights out in the stair well, that PL was a rookie with little time on the job, ‎that the 2 cops just came from a previous stressful call, etc.

 The fact that the defense ‎even thinks that PL should be set free, totally innocent of any wrong doing when the simple fact is, that he fired a shot that killed a human being, is just adding insult to injury.

Akai Gurley’s aunt, Hertencia Petersen, walking with supporters during lunch break on Monday, the first day of trial for the NYPD cop who fired a shot that killed Akai Gurley.
 People in positions of power who claim to be there to serve & protect, which many are realizing is simply not true. The system is all about profit. policing has become For Profit, the jails are now For Profit. There is no incentive for people to do what’s “right” because there’s no $$ in it.
 ‎ Again, this is the macro of the micro I’ve been speaking about since the early 70’s. Those who are supposed to be in a position of helping are doing the opposite and it’s those they’re supposed to be protecting who are picking up the tab for their incompetence. If that’s helping and protecting, thanks but, No Thanks! Not only does Akia Gurley end up shot dead, PL doesn’t call it in, doesn’t administer CPR and Now wants to get off scott Free!
 The message is clear. Those in power are NOT there for us, they’re there for THEM. It’s like being in a forced relationship with someone you know is not in your best interest and you can’t get out of it. Like “family”. Children don’t ask to be born or choose their parents.
 This is the same scenario I’ve been trying to point out all my life about “family”. If this is family, who needs enemies? The “family”, My “family”, parent(s) were exactly the same. You’re in a forced relationship with them who are clearly not in your best interest and you’re trapped. They’re there for themselves at your expense. The facts are the facts.
 All people did when I was a child was say to me “oh, you’re poor mother” when I tried expressing the abuse and harm I was suffering. Everyone around me was in on bailing out the perp. All people did was make excuses for the perp and allow the most vulnerable child take the fall. These are facts. There is no one there for you. All who should be there are not. They’re the opposite and sell you out. Those in “power” make the mess then when those to whom they’ve made the mess of respond justifiably They are the ones who get criminalized. There is no one there to help you become someone, No one there teaching you that you’re valuable, that you’re loved, cared for, that you matter, that you have value and that you have a RIGHT to stand up for yourself. It is any wonder there’s no one teaching the young the most important thing there is to learn? Is it any wonder the PTB want to break up the family? For exactly that reason, so they can have weakened, obedient people who are not strong. I have every right now to call out the poor treatment I had to deal with then and had NO ability to. It’s a social Avalanche when there is no reinforcement in place for the most vulnerable and the entire weight of society is crushing them.
 What’s incredible about the case of Akai Gurley and Peter Liang is that physics doesn’t lie. Akai Gurley is dead. That can’t be undone. And yet, despite that fact, there is a trial trying to get Peter Liang off. That makes no sense. He killed Akai Gurley. He admitted to firing the shot. How is this complicated?
 If PL gets off, all Hell should break loose!‎ This entire system is exactly the larger version of my “growing up”. The people in charge are the OPPOSITE of who they should be and use the people as a garbage dump for their error. All I heard as a kid was “oh, your poor mother, she couldn’t treat you right because no one taught her”. Think abou that. What kind of people teach a child to allow themselves to let the one person who they NEED to be there for them, to instead, let them off the hook? Everyone around is completely betraying that child. Leaving a child totally alone and making excuses for the lame parent. It’s sickening what people get away with. A child cannot afford to not have a healthy adult there for them. Are the laws of physics going to get suspended because the “parent” is incompetent and has a million and one excuses why they can’t treat a child the way that child deserves?  NO! That child will be forever harmed and their life completely altered and damaged by not having any healthy adult, leader there protecting and sticking up for them.
 Like the case of Peter Liang, who wants to get off for taking someone’s life, because, afterall, the people have no value. So what if PL killed Akai Gurley. The cops probably are taught that the public is the enemy and are out to get them which is why Liang had his gun out and his finger on the trigger in the first place. The public is there to generate revenue. That’s it. That’s clear.
 People can’t even have Families any more with partners and parents who truly do right by them never mind ‎having a system and police who give a shit about them.
 The system is so imbalanced to begin with. It’s completely an un equal playing field. Those who have no recourse and no leverage are being thrown  ‎to the “wolves”. I don’t like using animals to make these kinds of point because humans are worse.
 Noche Diaz, and activist and demonstrator from Stop Mass Incarceration and the Revolutionary Communist Party is being threatened with a ridiculous amount of jail time for protesting!  ‎He had a court date this morning. They were looking to give him something like 13 years!
 What kind of system are we living in where “cops” can get off for MURDER and Noche Diaz can see over 10 for protesting???
 I lived in a house that nearly drove me to madness when I was a child. A CHILD has NO Recourse! THERE IS NO WHERE TO TURN! THERE IS NO ONE TO TURN TO when the system has deteriorated so badly, morals, values, family has been sold for profit. “Parents”‎, relatives and neighbors are such cowards they allow a child to take the fall. The public has become so complacent and void of any kind of fitness and standards whatsoever.
 I had NO eyelashes from the 2nd to the 5th grade due to stress. I had no one by myself to stand up for me from the age of 6 on because I was smart enough to speak out about growing up in an unhealthy environment. How dare you be healthy and their sick and abusive environment not be good enough for you. How dare your body have healthy responses to the unacceptable conditions and treatment they force you to live in. How dare people like Kalief Browder not be able to stand the horror and torture of being innocent and kept in Rikers Island for “stealing a backpack” without charge or trial and not be able to deal with the beatings and abuse he was subjected to there. How dare Akai Gurley get in the way of Peter Liang’s bullet.
 How dare I feel I deserve justice and compensation for the abuse and harmful environment I was forced to endure as a child with NO “adult” with Any courage there for protection. I have no choice but to speak out now that I’m older on my own behalf because there was no one to do it for me who was entrusted to. As long as the young have no one there truly looking out for them they’re going to be crushed. ‎Like animals, people in the middle east, the vulnerable and the environment.
 Capitalism MUST end. The profit junkies who’ve hijacked all the $ and power must be brought down. And it must be done soon!
Hertencia Petersen, Akai Gurley’s aunt said at the #RiseUpOctober protest about Akai Gurley’s mother, “She has a hole in her heart that will never be healed”. This picture from Monday’s trial of Peter Liang outside during a lunch break Hertencia gives a statement to the press.

Close Gitmo, A Case of TORTURE with Andy Worthington and Roger Waters

British journalist, Andy Worthington tuning up his guitar preparing to sing the song he wrote for recently released Guantanamo prisoner, British citizen Shake Aamer. Andy is the author of the Guantanamo Files and founder of the We Stand with Shaker campaign along with British music legend, Roger Waters, who was also in attendance.


‎Last Thursday night at Revolution books in Harlem, British Journalist Andy Worthington gave his annual U.S., NYC talk for the 15th anniversary of Guantanamo calling for its closure. Andy also spoke about the recent release of British detainee‎ Shaker Aamer after being held without charge or trial for 14 years, who was cleared for release twice in 2007 and 2009 by 2 administration’s, and who Andy and Pink Floyd co founder Roger Waters, rallied for his released with We Stand With Shaker, campaign. 

 Andy elaborated on Shakers treatment while in Gitmo and how the interrogators goal was to “break him” and the other detainees even though they had no information to give. Shaker strength was surprising and the interrogators were unable to break him. He told how Shaker was beaten daily by interrogators. Andy told how the interrogators grew tired and broke before Shaker did and how the interrogators grew to respect Shaker. 

 Andy spoke about some of the same topics I discussed with him on my radio show Organic News on ‎

Dick Cheney said “torture worked” and would do it again. This is mathematically impossible. It’s like saying abusing children works which has been considered “normal” parenting for many decades. Yes, it works if the objective is to break a person’s will, if the objective is to get what you want out of someone rather than the truth. The use of force and intimidation to get children to obey instead of taking the time to explain and treat a child with respect is common “parenting”. It’s a rare parent who actually takes the time to treat the child with respect and who’s goal it is to raise the child to be someone with their own mind and identity. 

 This is the point I’ve been trying to raise for decades. There is no way around nature. There is no way to force nature into being what we want. Taking the time to do things nature’s way is the only way to get real results. Be it parenting or interrogation, the outcome cannot be gotten to by force, no matter how we may try. When we force, all we get is a GMO version instead of Organic truth . 

 The same bill of goods was told to me as a child; Abuse works, ‘It builds character’, ‘it makes you stronger’, I used to hear. Despite the obvious signs of sever distress and harm from the ‘victim’, those in ‘power’ easily dismiss the facts and evidence that prove them wrong and continue on. Despite the fact that the interrogators are causing obvious distress, beyond the point of progress, they continue, ‘knowing’ they’re doing harm. Those in ‘power’ are completely checked out when it comes to the obvious harm they cause. It’s as if the harm is the goal they seek. It becomes a, Cart before the Horse, situation. Those in ‘power’ are not present enough with the feedback they receive to take it into consideration and modify their behavior. They continue on unconsciously despite what’s right in front of them.

“Torture works?” Abuse doesn’t work if your goal is to genuinely raise healthy, independent thinking adults or get to real truth. If the goal is to break a person’s will and get them to submit yours, yes, then abuse and torture work just fine.

 That was what I questioned at an early age in my own house and neighborhood. “Parents”/”adults” say they want to raise you to be happy and successful yet, they clearly don’t have the skills and do the opposite. Like those in control of our country who say they want peace and justice for all yet, are either blatantly lying or are completely incompetent or just deny their mistakes then simply make the outcome fit their “mistake”. 


At an action last week at Fr. Duffy Square in NYC a small group of activists brought the attention of Closing Guantanamo to the public. One activist in the classic orange Gitmo prisoner jumpsuit with a pin reading, Habeas Corpus. The one thing the system is stripping away. A writ of habeas corpus is a judicial mandate to a prison official ordering that an inmate be brought to the court so it can be determined whether or not that person is imprisoned lawfully and whether or not he should be released from custody. A habeas corpus petition is a petition filed with a court by a person who objects to his own or another’s detention or imprisonment. The petition must show that the court ordering the detention or imprisonment made a legal or factual error. Habeas corpus petitions are usually filed by persons serving prison sentences. In family law, a parent who has been denied custody of his child by a trial court may file a habeas corpus petition. Also, a party may file a habeas corpus petition if a judge declares her in contempt of court and jails or threatens to jail her.

‎ To find the truth and prove my own innocence at a young age I instinctively turned to exercise and fitness. In an attempt for my body to heal turning to weight training not only to help disperse the amount of rage and frustration I was being pumped with but, also to help realign my health, the mind/body back to some kind of balance where it’s meant to be. 

I went straight to the source for the answers. Straight to physics and my own findings. The whole point of exercise is to build, to cultivate and strengthen with the right amount of stress in the right amount of time. The same way a parent raises a healthy child. A healthy amount of responsibility at the right time of a child’s development. This takes Presence, a parent or any mature adult who is present and paying attention to the feedback. Lack of Presence is the Problem. Not paying attention is the problem. Having an agenda and making the outcome fit our preconceived agenda, which is backwards, instead of living fresh and accepting something new. This is what perpetuates the vicious cycle and prevents any change and improvement from happening. The minds of those in charge is literally Clogged, like a blocked artery, that actually rejects anything healthy due to so much build up. 

People in “power” have Psych Atherosclerosis. We’re living in a Mental/ Emotional Health crisis. Too many people do not look closely enough at their conditioning and how they’re trained to empower the 1% at their own and their children’s expense. Nature’s process has been turned upside down by the PTB and people are keeping everything going in a backwards direction. Without Real parents and leaders to raise children to be free, independent thinkers and feelers that challenge the system instead of raising them to go along like drones, the emotional, physical health of people will be at slave levels. Which is exactly what the PTB want.

The PTB WANT “Criminals”, they WANT “terrorists”. Nature, Health and solving problems are ENEMIES to this fake $$ system. The PTB have disconnected $ from being aligned with what’s right to being the opposite of it. $$ has completely broken away from reality and justice. $$ is a Debt note that fuels and supports war, hate, genocide, racism and violence.

The system is about $$, not about solving problems and doing what’s healthy and just. They wouldn’t make $$ then. That’s the reality. We’re ALL in line to be taken out sooner or later.

Humans, be them child or adult, need what they need. There’s NO negotiating it. Nature needs what it needs.

This is KEY; if the PTB can disconnect our mind/body connection they WIN. The people have been getting gradually DECAPITATED. If, as a child, our mind /body connection does not get a chance to strengthen and is, instead, weakened by those around us making us doubt what we feel and know, undermining who we are and the rightful amount of space we’re allowed to take up in this world, our health and mind/body connection lose resolve. We become like the detainees in Guantanamo and become broken. 

 The idea of ‘parenting’ was to break a child’s will. To do to a child exactly what is intended to do to detainees in Gitmo by interrogators and police to ‘perps’. In the Making a Murderer series the police easily intimidated Brandon Dassey into ‘confessing’ the same that was done to the Central Park 5. Like abusive parents, the police used their position of ‘power’ to intimidate and manipulate the CP5 into confessing to something they didn’t do by lying to them and telling them they would let them go home if they said they did it. 

 The scale is already way off balance from the start with the CP5 and Brandon Dassey in a vulnerable position with no reinforcement. Do the math. It isn’t difficult to figure out who’s going to lose. The vulnerable person is automatically GUILTY just because they’re vulnerable and nothing more. The ptb make them so and so does everyone who goes along with this criminal system. It’s completely backwards and the same thing that happens to children in their own homes over time by parents who aren’t even as vindictive. The less someone is there for the vulnerable, the more they’re sold out because not enough people want to do what’s challenging.