“How U.S. Torture Left a Legacy of Damaged Minds.” by the NY Times

There is no room for the vulnerable or innocent in this world. The innocent are too busy being used by the arrogant and shameless as the garbage dump the same way the earth has been used and discarded by capitalism. If more people who do the polluting don’t come to see this, or those being polluted don’t confront the polluters and hold them to account, we are finished. The $ system is on a collision course with nature and health. The 2 cannot co exist and it’s only a matter of time that the scale tips too far.
 One of these days soon, I hope to get the courage up to make a video/audio blog post instead of writing them. The vulnerable, wounded, polluted do not get heard. I do not get big views on my videos on youtube, I do not get large hits on most social media that I put out.
 Because we live in a society where people support those who are already winning, getting the attention and recognition. People do not support those who need it the most. It’s too much work. They’re too busy polluting and ignoring them rather than help turn things around for them. The attitude of “don’t be a victim”, even if you have legitimately been victimized, is prevalent in this country. There’s nothing worse than being seen as a victim. People will victimize you more.
 It’s not until, if ever, you get some attention, someone somewhere recognizes and brings light to your plight, and that usually doesn’t happen unless it’s happening to many others.
 Getting the ball rolling in the hardest part. Getting the leverage to the most violated is the hardest part. It’s ALL about the math. That proves that there is No reserve in this country. That there are More people IN on it than there are people already there as “responders”. That means that we have to mobilize people who should already BE mobilized, like neutrophils, ready to respond immediately. If we have to motivate and jump start those we need to be there already, it shows that there are more people who are a part of the problem than there are fit people to deal with the problems. We’ve created a human “flood” and many vulnerable are drowning and being sacrificed.
 In an article in the NY Times by reporter James Risen, “How U.S. Torture Left a Legacy of Damaged Minds.” It found at least half of the 39 detainees who went through the CIA’s so-called enhanced interrogation program have later shown mental health problems—some have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, paranoia, depression or psychosis. The detainees were subjected to torture techniques such as severe sleep deprivation, waterboarding, mock execution, sexual violations and confinement in coffin-like boxes in secret CIA prisons and at Guantánamo.
 I’m excited to see the issue being brought to light more but, at the same time puzzled. Is it really that difficult to figure out that torturing people will leave lasting harm? I mean, really?
 In an interview with Amy Goodman James Risen spoke about how one source told him he thought that there were 65 to 70 percent of the people who had been tortured were suffering some kind of problems. “And then I talked to someone else, and I asked them about that, and they said, “No, no, it’s all of them. All of them have some kind of problem. We found that the pattern and the evidence of severe psychological problems is very striking”.
James Risen said, “They were based on the techniques that had been used by North Korea and North Vietnam in previous wars. What the United States was using, were some of the worst techniques that had ever been used to try to break people. You’ve got to remember that these techniques were designed to break people psychologically. And that’s what we found, is that we broke people psychologically. And originally, the Justice Department had approved these methods in the Bush administration by saying that there would be no long-term physical or psychological harm to the people. But what we’ve found is that that’s not true. There has been long-term psychological harm. The only problem is the United States government never went back to check; after saying and assuring itself that there would be no harm, they never went back to check.”

The methods used by many “parents” I will call, Advanced “Parenting” techniques, is the same. I’ve read plenty of books on abusive parenting and how the same punishment is used, the idea is to Break a child’s will, to break their spirit. How is that not being spoken about? The lasting effects of many of the “normalized” abusive “parenting” methods many people, except those is was being done to, are what’s led us to the kind of society we have today. The abuse gets passed on not just in the family system but, at work. People seek power positions to pass on their abuse to subordinates like what was done to them.

James Risen also said, “The torture he endured is really hard—hard to hear from him. Referring to another prisoner the CIA picked up in Somalia, Suleiman Abdullah Salim of Tanzania. “That was, to me, the hardest part of doing this, was actually hear the person that the CIA had tortured describe the torture that they had endured. You know, many of us have read about this torture in the Senate torture report or in the newspapers, but to actually hear someone and sit with someone who had to endure this is a very difficult process to go through.”

SULEIMAN ABDULLAH SALIM: Every time I think of prison, flashback come. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I can’t smell. Flashback come. Flashback come many time, you know. So much it make you crazy. I’m in so much pain. I don’t understand anything. I have headache. Too much headache. I want to vomit. I’m innocent. Why they beat like that?

I’ve tried telling people of my pain all my life and get met with minimization, not taking it seriously and telling me to “Get over it”.

 It’s like the the cigarette companies saying that cigarettes don’t cause cancer. Where’s the common sense? The depression, PTSD, the lethargy, the terror, the physical wounds and bruises, the temperature extremes, the near drowning doesn’t leave lasting harm?? Who believes that?
I‎t’s the same mentality I’ve been pointing out since the early 70’s about the abusive “family”. It’s literally the same attitudes I’ve been trying to get people to look at for decades about how corporal punishment and abuse are “good” for children.
Abuse leaves real, lasting physical and emotional scars that do not just go away. Especially when it’s a child and the parent is the abuser. There is no escape, no cushion. It’s the same damage being done. Children can be traumatized much easier than adults.
 I’ve literally been trying for decades to speak out about the harmful environment I had to endure living in as a young child that everyone around me minimized and didn’t take seriously yet, the body tells a different tale. The changes and shifts taking place in my body were real. The darkness I fell into at the age of 8 when I felt myself die inside. I could physically feel myself dying I could feel a dark “entity” swallow me and there was no one to turn to. Everyone was in on it. It was “normal”‎ just like all the abuse happening all over this country and the world today.
 It’s a polluting world where people just continue dumping their abuse and emotional pollution on the innocent and the earth until there’s no place and no one left that has not been completely polluted. Like the entire country of Vietnam is just about completely covered with bombs and explosives. This is what the Corporations are going for and many people are helping them for fake $.
 It’s those with the least amount of self worth and esteem who will be easily influenced and allow themselves to be weaponized and used against an innocent person. This is how clear it is that it’s the destruction of the development and cultivation of nature /health that is more valuable than $. Money cannot buy you your development when it’s being used for the exact opposite. $ works for the opposite of maturity, responsibility, morality, humanity and critical thinking. $ works for and is run by Sociopaths to perpetuate the destruction of our health and the planet and the people who’s development has been effected will use their arrested judgement to put the fake $ first and join in on the polluting.
 In the interview with James Risen, a former Military Psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Xenakis: “Well, I found that many—the ones that I’m asked to evaluate, that many, if not all, of them are still suffering with the consequences of what they had been subjected to. They have all the symptoms that we commonly attribute to post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety. They have nightmares. —anything can trigger them. They just feel lost sometimes in their world. They have problems getting adjusted. It has significantly affected their lives.
 The video shows Khaled Al-Sharif who now runs a prison in Tripoli, where his prison mate, Salih al-Daeiki, became the head interrogator.
[translated]. “The prison was created after the revolution by government decree. And I was appointed by the government to run the place. It’s a strange paradox that a man finds himself in places he didn’t expect or want to be in. I was a prisoner, and I became the head of a prison that had in custody many members of the previous regime”.
 That the CIA’s treatment of Salih continued to influence his behavior was asked to Mr. Al Sharif.
 He replied by saying, “the effects are still there and they still effect my life”. He says he feels a cold shiver when he ears the music that was played and the memory takes him back.
 The fact that those who were abused turn around and abuse is nothing new. I’ve been reading and studying about this in the abusive “family” for decades. I would have surely figured by now that we would have long been on our way to breaking the vicious cycle of violence. I was studying that back in the late 70’s, early 80’s. There are thousands of books written about abuse in the family and the lasting effects and how those abused become abusers. Usually it’s the males who act out and females who tend to attract abuse or pass on the abuse to their children.
 “How U.S. Torture Left a Legacy of Damaged Minds.” It found at least half of the 39 detainees who went through the CIA’s so-called enhanced interrogation program have since shown psychiatric problems—some have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, paranoia, depression or psychosis. These detainees were subjected to torture techniques such as severe sleep deprivation, waterboarding, mock execution, sexual violations and confinement in coffin-like boxes in secret CIA prisons and at Guantánamo.
 The family system is the smaller Capitalism model of passing down the emotional debt. It’s robbing the future generations of what is rightfully theirs and leaving them with pollution that is not theirs.
 I’m shocked that no one is speaking out about this. I’ve studied and learned everything I could for decades to stop the cycle and not pass the abuse on but, I wasn’t as careful about not allowing myself to be abuse. The problem is is that the ground under you has been eroded. You are either an abuser or an abusee. The “dimmer switch” has been destroyed. You have been trained to be one or the other instead of relating in mutually respectable and dignified ways.

A Sexual Deviant cop shows up to “help” “Mentally Ill” Alfred Olango

Another “mentally ill” African American person shot dead by police this time in San Diego. 38year old Ugandan refugee, Alfred Olango.
 I want to first start off by saying that I question the term “mentally ill”. A more accurate term would be that these people are the healthier ones and their bodies are having a healthy response to this, nearly uninhabitable society.
 We’re killing off many of our already endangered species of animals, we are nearly tipping the health of the environment over the edge all for fake $, so “naturally” the healthier a person is the more they are going to have an adverse reaction to this terribly ill system. Much can be learned if people took the time to stop and listen and understand a “mentally ill” person just like a good doctor would do in order to understand a patient’s illness before beginning a diagnosis. It should be seen as an opportunity for growth and fitness, not an inconvenience.
 Instead of seeing a mentally ill person in the same way, or anyone who needs guidance and veers off course like a young person who robbed a store.
 The system is the predator  not the solution. The facts are right there. Police would not be killing the public who simply need help. There is NO Help. It’s just $$.
 It doesn’t get any clearer that the ptb are all about $ at the expense of the people. The people are just resources for Corporations to exploit‎. The police are no different. They are a business. That is what they are. There are there to rob the public of their $ and lives. Not to help.
 It’s unfortunate that many of the public have to find this out the hard way. How many “mentally ill”  people have to be killed ‎before the public realizes, DON’T CALL THE POLICE. Especially for the mentally ill.
 Police should have the mental/emotional skills of a surgeon ‎in deal with the emotionally disturbed just as a good parent has the emotional patience to deal with their toddlers tantrums. Police should have the emotional “cushion”/funds to deal with challenging people. Not be in emotional Debt and overreact in emotional bankrupcy to something they should have the “emotional funds” for.
 If no one has the skills then killing people is the result. This is what happens in a $ first society.
 It’s this unhealthy, unnatural system that Makes people mentaly ill then preys upon them for giving the blowback.
 An interviewee on a news show today was talking about how there is no help for mental health. I also want to point out that mental “illness” isn’t just some average person babbling and pacing on the street. What people don’t normally think of as mental illness, although more people are realizing that Wall St, Bankers and Corp owners are, in fact Sociopaths, are those in “power” positions with more FRN’s (Federal Reserve notes) than anyone could possibly ever digest. There have been seen as people to be admired and lately, more people are realizing they are mentally ill.
 David Koch who blatantly says, “I want my fair share and that’s all of it”. With people like the Koch brothers having all that leverage and not being hauled off to the rubber room, is it any wonder then, that people like the 38 year old African American male in San Diego will express the contrasting Shadow version of the extreme Koch attitude by showing up as troubled? The male in San Diego who was killed by police is like the by product of a system that allows the extreme Sociopath of the Koch’s and Paul Singer to go un abaited.
 It comes down to fitness. If you make the establishment look bad and unskilled, it’s YOUR fault! How dare you challenge the police or parents to do a quality job and make them look unqualified?‎ How dare natural law give any feedback that those in charge should actually USE to improve their behavior, like we do when learn to ride a bike.
FACT. Police are there for THEM not the public. The evidence doesn’t lie.
‎ First, it took the police 50 mins to arrive after being called multiple times. They said it was “not a priority”. Yet, how long before arriving did it take them to shoot him dead? I’d bet, a lot quicker than it took them to get there.
2, No gun was found at the scene. Albert had an E cigarette.
3. Olango was not mentally ill. He was simply having an emotional venting episode after losing a friend. Like we all do. ‎The police were made aware that Olango was having an emotional outburst before arriving.
 Only people with millions and billions of fake $, like the Koch brothers and huge corporations who destroy whole populations and the planet, can be mentally ill Sociopaths with impunity !
 4, the cop who shot Olango, Richard Gonzaves, had just been demoted from Sergeant after sexually harrassing a female officer and texting her a picture of his penis. (who is the mentally ill one?) The department rallied around him and he continued harrassing the female officer who was actually on the scene with him when he fired shots at Mr Olango.
 Officer Greer has taken out a second suit for sexual harassment on Gonzaves.
 5 The attorney for the Olango family, Dan Gilleon, said that Gonzaves escalated the situation when Olango pointed an E cigarette.
 I used to work for 911 EMS FDNY and did not feel comfortable when I saw those the public were replying on in their most neediest moments. So I quit.
6. One officer fired the tazer, without announcing “Tazer”, making a loud pop sound, just before the shots that killed Alfred Olango were fired.
 Gilleon said that Olango is not even dead 24 hrs and the cops are “cherry picking” the still of Olango that incriminate him and makes the cops look vindicated. The blame falls on the victim. He shouldnthave raised his hands. If the cops can’t plant a gun on you they will plant a still pic.
 I’m always seeing more cases that are exactly the points I was bringing up in the 70’s in the abusive “family” and “community”.
 This is the exact same scenerio I went through as a child in an abusive “home” with an abusive “parent”.
 Having the person you NEED to rely on be the aggressor. Escalate situations which drive you, the subordinate, to your wits end of emotional ability then blame you for “losing it”.
 What happens all the time in these situations with police and any other situation where people in the power position don’t have the qualifications ‎or skills and make a situation worse then, blame the subordinate.
 The role of who is supposed to be the professional, the skilled one, the giver and who is in the role of receiver gets deliberately confused and the one who should be the giver acts like the victim and blames the victim. This is classic Dysfunctional “family” stuff I’ve been trying to bring out since the early 70’s.
 There is no one to turn to. There are not enough truly mature, responsible Adult leaders for people to turn to. There are more needy immature people than there are healthy leaders to rely on, which creates a social environmental disaster. ‎ A psychological vicious cycle that spins out of control. It’s just like I lived growing up that people didn’t want to take seriously. Now it’s a hige problem. Been warning people for decades about mental health. Knew it was the most impostant thing decades ago.
 The entire police dept killed Alfred Olango when it rallied around him for sexually harrassing the female officer thereby, enabling him to acquire even more momentum in his arrogance.
 Gonzaves should have been fired for texting a pic of his penis to his, then, subordinate officer but, he wasn’t. Other cops joined in in harrassing her.
 John Snook of the Treatment Advocacy Center wrote Overlooked and Undercounted said,  ‎people who are having an emotional episode are 16% more likely to be killed by police.
‎Why are we not having mental health professionals show up for Emotional episodes instead of police? Snook asked. Police are not mental health professionals.
“If you call to help the mentally “ill”‎ we will kill them” said Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. “What kind of message is that?”.
 We don’t call police for a heartt attack. We need to see emotional health the same way, said Snook. “People don’t get care until they’re in a crisis. We have to take mental health seriously”.
 Saying this since the early 70’s.
 Mental “illness” is simply a health DEBT. It’s someone being put deeper into psych DEBT due to lack of healthy relationships and someone there who cares and listens. So the persons needs get swept under the rug and they’re treated like they don’t count. But, nature says otherwise. All people count and are a part of nature.

The Rigged Debt system Killed John MacKenzie

This system is not built or run by legitimate laws, facts or evidence. It dys functions on what ever bullying people in “power” make up out of thin air like fake, debt based $.
 Another story of a complete travesty of justice similar to what I’ve been saying for a long time from my own experiences since I’m 6 years old in the early 70’s.  Having incompetent or vindictive people who have control over your life. People in “power” who are totally illegitimate.
 John MacKenzie spent 4 decades serving out his time for killing a cop in 1975 in upstate NY at Fishkill.
 I interviewed his attorney yesterday to be played on  PeoplesInternetRadio.com‎ Wed Aug 24th 7-9pm ET. Kathy Manley is a longtime attorney and advocate for prisoners rights who was helping John MacKenzie appeal yet another denial of his parole. MacKenzie was denied parole 10 times since he reached the end of his 25 yr. sentence in 2000. John MacKenzie was 70 years old and committed suicide after being denied parole for the 10th time.
 Kathy Manley called John MacKenzie the “Poster Boy for parole”. If he didn’t deserve to be parolled no one did. Even the judge, judge Rosa held the parole board in contempt of court for denying MacKenzie’s parole multiple times. Rosa is quoted asking the parole board that if MacKenzie doesn’t meet the qualifications of parole than who does?
 Kathy Manley told me that MacKenzie achieved 2 Bachelors degrees while in prison, he started programs with parents of murdered children of which he received a grant to expand.
 “Greenhaven shut it down”‎, Kathy said. They didn’t want John to be successful with his program. They don’t want prisoners being rehabilitated.
 Also, Kathy Manley told me that it was the PBA‎, the police benevolent association, that was showing up at every one of MacKenzie’s parole hearings telling the parole board not to release Makenzie.
 “We don’t care how remorseful he is, he killed a cop, never let him out”, was what Kathy Manley was quoted repeating what the PBA had said.
 So, that’s it. MacKenzie paid his debt to society but, it’s not enough. Based purely on emotion and whims of those in the positions of “authority”, they can manipulate the system to their will. Facts, evidence, real laws don’t matter. Even if you paid your price, which is more than what cops get when they kill you, no jail time, you can do NOTHING to pay off the debt. The entire system is rigged.
  Like endless fake $ debt that so many are falsely put in today, there is no way out for the average person who’s in a debt that they don’t even deserve. The ptb are so used to having the scale tipped in their favor, not them being there for the people, it’s just a psych Ponzi scheme.
 This is the point I’ve been trying to make about the “family” system for decades. The abuse and psychological/emotional debt transfered to a child by “parents” is so subtle and covert.
 If this can happen to grown adults by other “adults” in power imagine what a “parent” can do to a child?
It’s basically the same. People in power can literally do what ever they want and there’s not a thing subordinates can do about it.  A “parent” can manipulate a child into emotional debt where the child can never be free. That’s how this sytem dys functions. That’s the “norm”. It’s so accepted as a way of relating it’s not even questioned. Passing down emotional debt is “normal”.
 John MacKenzie had his program of working with parents of murdered children shut down because they didn’t want him to improve, to rehabilitate himself, to ever be free.  The system sucks the life out of people like many “parents” suck the life out of their children. I tried speaking out all my life about being undermined as a child. ‎Abuse in the family system is the “norm”. “Parents” are entitled to steal from their child. The flow of currency that should be going in one direction flows the other way instead like an easy bank robbery. If a “parent” is emotionally unhealthy
And in debt, it’s guaranteed to happen. Real debt is not acknowledged in this country and turned around. It’s perpetuated by design.
 Why is it that we can speak out now about Wall St. Robbing from people, the mortgage scandal and predatory lending but, we never hear anything about the blatant theivery that goes on towards children in their own home by those who should protect them the most? “Parents” can completely fail at their job and the child is helpless to stop it.
 What happened to John MacKenzie happens to innocent children every day by emotionally immature and just plain vindictive “parents”. John MacKenzie did committ murder and did his time and deserved to be released. Not have his life manipulated by illegitimate “authority” who get off on having power over others.
  Many children are completely innocent and are framed to inherit and take on the psych debt and emotional baggage of parents. Many “parents” feel threatened by their own children’s gifts and confidence. Many “parents” emotionally starve their children and keep the child in emotional deprivation so they are easier to control.  The “family” is a form of imprisonment where a child can never be truly free. If a parent is not healthy and feels fulfilled in their own life they will suck the life out of their child.
 Real parenting is about raising a child to be free. Only healthy people can do that. Who knows what healthy is in this society, especially emotionally healthy?
 Real family and community should emotionally and physically support a child until that child reaches their full level of healthy balance like a ripe fruit. Real parents should be able to help their child reach their full maturity and too many can’t and don’t and yet it’s overlooked everyday until it becomes the new “norm”.
 The lack of Fitness is this system is incalculable.

 From an article by RAPP Campaign, Release Aging People in Prison;Mr. MacKenzie had filed a motion for contempt following a string of parole appearances and denials stretching over 15 years. In 2015, the court had ordered a de novo hearing after one such denial, citing the Board’s failure to do more than rehash the details of the original crime. When the new hearing merely echoed the earlier ones, Mr. MacKenzie sought the contempt citation. In her decision granting Mr. MacKenzie’s motion, Dutchess Supreme Court Justice Maria G. Rosa wrote, “It is undisputed that it is unlawful for the parole Board to deny parole solely on the basis of the underlying conviction. Yet the court can reach no other conclusion but that this is exactly what the parole Board did in this case.”

Judge Rosa also wrote, “It is undisputed that this petitioner has a perfect institutional record for the past 35 years. This case begs the question, if parole isn’t granted to this petitioner, when and under what circumstances would it be granted?”

This is everything I studied about so to BREAK the vicious cycle in life instead of going around in circles.

The Parole board,, really the PBA, uses MacKenzie’s original crime to continue keeping him locked up. A psychological mind manipulation that perpetuates the past and never allows him to be free of it no matter what he does, no matter how remorseful he is and no matter how many people he helps. That is a total manipulation of the laws of nature, of cause and effect and can drive a person insane.

People were always saying to me “get out of the past” when no acknowledgement of the abuse that was done to me ever came or any justice. I was totally innocent and had abuse perpetrated upon me and it was never acknowledged and I was never compensated and yet people expect ed me to be over it. The laws of nature don’t work that way.

In this case, John did everything he could to free himself from his past by changing his behavior. Exactly what people who transgress should do, what banksters and heads of Corporations who harm people and the environment need to be held to do and what police who murder civilians don’t ever do! The get away with it then begrudge someone who killed a cop and did his time and then some. It’s a total outrage.

The system is out of control with vindictive, immature, deficient people in power.


How can people abused by “parents” as Children sue as adults?

It’s right in front of us. It’s just become normalized that family is dysfunctional and oppressive. Now, so is everything, just about.
I’ve been trying to speak out on my own about the abusive/neglectful/harmful “family” system for decades.
 It comes down to the fact that; it’s Your fault that you are not born with the skills and abilities it takes to deal with all the Debt, psych pollution and assault put on you by this system. You are in DEBT the minute you are born into an unhealthy, and even a fairly healthy family, if the parents are not aware and go along. Families and relationship health have deteriorated like the environment. “Parents” passing more and more psych debt and emotional pollution down to their children. It’s the new “normal”.
 Just like the polar bears, too many people are drowning and actually bring it on themselves.
 I was trying to tell people decades ago that the enemy is within. They’re IN your house/”family”. Unless that fact gets acknowledged and people start working towards better, it will continue.
 It’s Mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for people who are born into abuse and neglect to have the leverage within themselves to fight against the very people who should be raising and helping them have the leverage they need.
 Never mind the banks or Corporations selling the people out for “profit”. “Parents” who don’t have what it takes to raise and give their child the life they deserve to live are part of the problem. The fact is; they’re Not Real Family. They are the enemy. They are no different than the illegitimate cop who, because people are trained to trust because of a uniform, has the most potential to abuse.  If any “authority” person has not reached their own level of maturity and responsibility they clearly will not be able to “raise” anyone else. Be they parent or police.
 People end up reproducing to take from their child and steal their emotional energy and self worth right out of their child, pulling the rug out from under the very people they should be empowering. The banksters and Corps can’t do the harm “parents” can.
 It’s become way too “normalized” for just anyone to have a child. It’s become too normalized for people to live way below their level of growth and development.
 People talk about Climate Change and the pollution of the environment and yet the signs and symptoms that we are destroying the growth and development of future generations is glaring right in the face.
 “Parents” using their children to meet their own emotional needs at the child’s expense is robbery and soul murder and yet, is not seen as an issue. It’s not seen as the blatant illness and moral injury that it is.
 A person born with “parents” who cannot and do not meet the non negocialble needs of a child leave that child in a perpetual state of deficiency and addiction no different than any Debtors prison police or entire cities now do to whole cultures of people. They will forever be trying to get their emotional/physical needs met, the required leverage they need and deserve, in any unskilled way they know how. This is basically how our entire system dys functions‎.
 Without a real adult leader in position who has the skills to genuinely solve problems, a healthy grown up  there for the child to lean on, push off of‎ and get they’re healthy needs met at the time that nature requires, it’s just as bad as Texxaco dumping toxic chemicals in the Amazon.
 Whether in prison or out of prison, if this system really wanted people to be raised and be the future we all deserve, they would be. It’s that simple. It’s crystal clear that the “system” does not want people raised but, imprisoned and enslaved so that Junkie Corporations can get even larger and destroy the planet and other lives even more.
 It’s clear that “parents” are helping the system suck the life out of their children so the Sociopaths can be even larger while children born have their growth stunted and criminalized for trying to grow to their rightful size and intelligence.
 People not concerned with reaching their full potential and dreams and instead just opt out to have a job and some kids are part of the problem. Fact; the system does not call for or encourage people to be their full, smart, caring self. The system calls for people to only grow to a certain point then stop. Just enough to be a slave and feed and clothe themselves. And the public doesn’t argue. They accept it. Many accept that they will only have a job and not question “authority” out of fear of losing their paycheck. ‎People have been conditioned OUT of their nature and into man made program.
 All people should expect to be able to live their dreams, to be what they want to be, what makes them passionate and expresses their uniqueness. That self actualization is not an option for many people and many people clearly accept it without resistence  shows the blatant dysfunction, or abusive relationship, our system has become.
 I was prompted to write this blog after reading an article in the Guardian about a 26 year old female who recently awarded 2 million £ from having health problems from nearly drowning when she was 10 years old at a pool. Lifeguards and others who were supposed to be watching her were in “breach of care” the article said. Children abused by “parents” should be compensated the same way.
 The problem with our society is that the more people need help the less they receive it. No one wants to be bothered doing the hard work. The more help someone needs the more likely they are to be blamed and marginalized. It’s ALL a matter of leverage. People are more likely to abuse those who need the most help instead of helping them.
 This woman received compensation because her parents pursued the case. The woman can’t work, she can’t function at certain things. She does have a partner and a small child which keeps her going.
 Because she has the leverage of good parents she gets the justice she deserves. That means, those who deserve Justice the most,, don’t get it. That means,, when children are abused by their own “parents”, there is NO one to help them, unless a neighbor or relative helps. But, the chances of holding the abusive parents accountable and getting the child the compensation they deserve is rare if ever.
 From the article,, Woodland is unable to work and lawyers handle her finances as she does not have the capacity to manage her own affairs. “I can’t even explain what it’s like,” she said. “It affects everything, but you try and explain what’s wrong with you and people don’t believe it … It’s a lonely place to be.”
 This is exactly what I go through every day since the early 70’s. If people can’t “see” crutches, a wheelchair or some other obvious disability, they treat you as if you’re just like them. And this woman has a husband, a child and parents who helped her get compensated. What do you do if you’re completely on your own and instead of helping you those around you don’t take you seriously?
 Being injured on the inside like Mrs. Woodland or soldiers and people with childhood abuse with PTSD, who don’t have obvious visible scars or impairments get treated like they’re making stuff up.
 More from the article,,Her mother, Alison, 50, said Annie had been “a happy, confident little girl”. She said the legal action had not been driven by money but to stop it happening to anyone else: “At least I know now that whatever happens in the future she is going to be safe and secure.”

The family’s lawyer, Jennifer Maloney, a serious injury specialist at the law firm Slater and Gordon, said: “Annie is a brave young woman who has been forced to spend most of her childhood and all of her adult life dealing with the devastating consequences of what happened. She deserves some peace of mind which I hope this settlement will bring.”


I never had the chance to be a “happy, confident girl” when it’s “parents” who rob you of your health and give you trauma. Annie was forced to spend most of her childhood and all her adult life dealing with “Devastating consequences of what happened”.


I’ve suffered with trauma all my life.

When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.

Getting-Away-With-Murder-SmThis is the subtitle for George Mallinckrodt’s book, Getting Away with Murder.

Another story that supports what I’ve been saying about my own experiences growing up in abuse at home. If I can feel terrified and completely alone, like so many others, in my own home around “family”, neighbors and people who are supposed to be there for you, on your side, then what is the rest of society have in store for you? This is not complicated. I’m just doing basic math here. Looking at the blatant break down of the “family”. It follows suit with everything that others are speaking out about. Abuse and corruption are the norm. The “family” is the same as the prisons. A micro of the macro. 
 There is no criteria for health,, especially mental health in this country. Only complete disorientation. People are lost. No compass. The disease of addiction to “corp profit” is spreading to the co-dependents underneath. 
 I studied Psych, dysfunctional, abusive relationships all my life after growing up in an environment that left me traumatized and in a health deficiency. There was no mistaking it. It was also the attitude of everyone around me that setting a low bar for child rearing was the norm. “You got a roof over your head don’t cha?” were things I heard often. The mentality was that as long as you didn’t have it worse, like the children in Somalia, you were doing good. The idea of treating children with worth and respect so they grow to be healthy and successful was not on the agenda. It’s clear there was an attitude of ignorance and not being educated or having healthy self worth. Instead of wanting better of their children, they just pass down the debt and abuse. People in the neighborhood also made excuses for the sub standard treatment but, no one thought to turn things around. “Your mother could’t raise you because no one taught her”, was what I heard, as if that was some legit excuse. No one thought about, Why that was. Why? was that being handed down instead of health and respect. These are the people I was supposed to be relying on and instead they’re telling you to your face that they’re passing down the debt and I just had to accept it and turn it around on my own. People had and still have NO idea that that mentality is by design to keep the people in line and enslaved while keeping the Sociopaths fed beyond the level of what I can even call sickness. Keep that attitude going for all these decades, like a BP oil spill, and you get the country we’re living in today where the most vulnerable who are in the greatest need of help get scalded alive.
 Beside any abuse, the larger problem is the denial. Things could be healed and remedied if issues were simply addressed. But, for some reason people love to add more debt to already sick situations by denying them. It is adding debt then adding more debt and even more debt once the denial begins that removes people further and further from reality.  We are Not born this way. This is not the way health and nature work. This is conditioning.
The mentality George and Eyal Press spoke and write about in the prison system is, to a more or less degree, the same mentality in an abusive “family”. Even at “home” the idea wasn’t to “raise” anyone up. That created frustration in my healthy body that was simply trying to function healthily the way it’s meant to. The same way the guards torment the vulnerable by putting them into solitary confinement for normal behavior. This drives a person Mad. When your body is being met with the opposite of what it basically needs to get it’s rightful, healthy amount of momentum, something is wrong. Most people just treat their children the same way they were treated without questioning it. I was “raised” with the mentality of “you’re not going anywhere”. Instead of being actually raised to stand on one’s own and fly out of the nest like the prisons and the system at large, doesn’t want to let people be free. It’s clear the ptb want permanent slavery. Some people are finally figuring out what the black folk and some of us already know. 
 We’re in an environmental crisis of another kind. Deficient, arrested development people feeding off of more vulnerable people. THIS IS THE REAL DEBT. It’s the Opposite of the way nature functions. When people do nothing to stop abuse or turn it around, when it’s seen as normal and accepted, not seen as anything wrong with it, there is something medically wrong with people and those people should be diagnosed with an illness. By denying reality over and over and using $ to buy the reality you want, that is way more mentally ill than Darren Rainey could ever be. That’s who’s in “power”.
 It’s not the inmates who are “mentally ill”, it’s not Darren Rainey who killed anyone, it’s the guards, namely, Roland Clarke. “Humanity” has crossed a line we may not be able to come back from. I call it Mental Climate Shift. We’re living in a “human” mental health, Environmental Disaster. It’s an avalanche of epic proportions and it’s picking up speed.
Abuse is everywhere and is the norm now in this “profit” over life system run by sociopaths. 
 Sociopaths have made their way into power and have hired ignorant bullies to keep everyone’s else in line. Developmentally arrested Bully’s are controlling prisons and intimidating psychologists and those there to help the vulnerable. The entire prison is a dysfunctional/abusive environment. It’s not just the mentally ill “prisoners” who are being abused.
 George Mallinckrodt’s book which tells the story of Darren Rainey, who was a schizophrenic—severely schizophrenic inmate, was locked in a shower stall and exposed to scalding water that was 180 degrees. He was left there for two hours. When his body was found, he had burns on 90 percent of his body. As I said, no one reported that incident, even though it was well known to the staff. The one person who did report it was an inmate named Harold Hempstead. It’s the only reason, actually, that we know that Darren Rainey—that this happened to Darren Rainey and that investigations have subsequently begun into his death.
How can psychologists and counselors do the job of treating and healing patients when the guards and the rest of the staff are undermining it by allowing abuse to happen?  She got the message, that “You don’t do anything to offend the guards”, Eyal Press when a counselor, Harriet Krzyzowski, went to her supervisor, Dr Cristine Perez,  with examples of guards abusing prisoners. This is terrifying. This is who is running the show. Bullies. Guards leave her alone with prisoners in rec yards and counseling sessions. Everything comes down to what it comes down to.
 The Counselor and George Mallinckrodt didn’t believe the inmates when they spoke about the abuse at first. Why is that? Why is the system always automatically Assumed to be in the right? Why do we not believe that institutions and those who work for them can abuse when they are in the easiest position to do so? Why do we not want to believe the powerless?
We live in a collective Status Quo where, unconsciously, everyone is in on it. People AUTOMATICALLY believe in the system and that those running things would never allow abuse to happen. AUTOMATICALLY, those without power are seen as the ones not to be believed and to not be credible.
 As in the cases of the Angola 3 and others like them, HOW can things ever change when the System is AUTOMATICALLY Given credit it doesn’t have to earn, when the scale starts out already completely imbalanced and the vulnerable have no reinforcment? It’s a neverending catch 22 where the vulnerable can never get the reinforcement they need because the credit is automatically handed over without question to the system. There will always be the discarded while the system gets away with it. The vulnerable have to prove themselves but, the system never does. People have to realize that, itself, is the inherent problem. Most people easily surrender to the PTB, to the system without making the system prove itself like people do to a vulnerable individual. It should be the other way around. One individual person has  less ability to harm than people in power or “authority”.
They found out that the abuse the inmates spoke about was really happening. Vulnerable, marginalized people are credible? You mean, they’re not the total scum, not to be believed, like “Dr” Perez told Harriet Kryzkowski. The inmates like to make up stories of abuse about the guards. OMG! More people need to be able to see that this is exactly how those in “power” discredit and Get Away With Murder. That’s how people in “power” do it. They pass their guilt and shame onto vulnerable people and make them look like the crazy ones. I know because I lived it. 
 An inmate named Darren Rainy was murdered in Dade Co “Correctional” facility when he was scalded to death by guards in a shower of 180 degrees. 
What I was trying to speak out about at a young age that I went through in my house is now a nation wide epidemic. I knew that if people can’t even get along in the “family” and no one does anything to turn things around, how can people get along and engage in healthy relationship skills anywhere? 
 Of course, it’s not the agenda of the capitalists to care about and encourage healthy relationship skills and, of course, if the PTB don’t instruct the people to do something they don’t have the self initiation to do it themselves until it becomes a crisis situation. I was calling for people to come together and organize at a young age and there was no one else besides me who felt the same way I did. Now, we’re in a crisis, like I predicted 4 decades ago. The abusive “family” has spread. Abuse and oppression is the norm in and out of prison. 
This is what was written about the murder of Darren Rainey in the scalding 80 degree shower,, from an article in the Miami Herald & the NY Daily News,,
 After picking up all the pieces of skin from the shower that morning, Joiner said a corrections officer directed him to a nearby stairway, where he pointed out more chunks of skin hanging from the metal steps.

The guard asked, “Is that the best you can do?”

Joiner continued to pick up the skin.

“I just kept shoving it in the shoe,” he said. “And then I asked, ‘What do you want me to do with it?’ And he said just throw it in the trash. So I did.”

Read more here:http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article1972693.html#storylink=cpy
The abusive “security” guards at the Dade Co. “correctional” facility are running the prison. This is the abusive “family” “grown up”. This is what happens when people do not take emotional illness and imbalances, abuse and dysfunction seriously. This is what happens when people are ignorant to health and nature and do not respect how nature and illness work. Now, we’re in serious trouble and a billion $ industry is being carried out by thousands of people who are “profiting”, sick profit, from the total enslavement, torture, abuse and murder of the most vulnerable people in society.
Eyal Press, reporter for the New Yorker wrote a piece called Madness. “These are people who worked in the mental health ward. When they saw abuse, they have a duty to report it. That’s part of basic medical ethics. And yet, they are, in reality, beholden to the guards for their own safety and security, for their ability to do their jobs”

Yanis Varoufakis realizing the Abusive relationship with the IMF

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This is what a large version of an abusive, “Domestic Violence” relationship sounds like.

I had to post how Yanis Varoufakis described what was going on at his meetings with the IMF and the EU exposing the environment as extremely dysfunctional and is one of the few people to come out and reveal it. He’s saying and describing the same type of scenario I’ve been trying to illustrate here involving my time spent living at home as a young child. Health people do not mix with unhealthy people and environments, simple. Listening to him speak on Democracy Now on Thursday and when I filmed him at the New School on Monday night, I hear myself.
Who would think the “Most Interesting Man in the World” would be saying the same thing I’ve been saying for 4 decades. When I expressed truth all my life, I received the exact opposite response because those who should be helping me get somewhere are the very people pulling the rug out from under and they’re too blind to see the value of the person they have right in front of them. YV clearly had people on his side when he was young or he wouldn’t have the common sense and moral compass to step down as finance minister of Greece.
He admitted in his talk at the New School that the people at the IMF admitted the math doesn’t work in the “loans” to Greece. There wold be No way for the people to repay. The Greek people shouldn’t even have to pay them because they didn’t get the $ from the loan in the first place. In the first loan the German and French banks received 90% of the money, the second “loan” the German and French banks received 100%, the 3rd time, YV wouldn’t sign. Clearly YV is used to dealing with people who are on the up & up. His interaction with the IMF and the EU and their dishonesty was obvious to him. Many people would have been intimidated into going along, YV was not. It comes down to healthy relationships. Some people can recognize abusive/ dysfunctional ones when they see them. This is not economics, it’s health.
Here is the link on his talk at the New School where he tells the crowd of 800 people and another 100 or so in an overflow room, that the IMF knows the #’s don’t work but, they are too invested to change it.
 Yanis Varoufakis is told by the IMF “You have to accept our false program to be Credible”.
 Negotiating the extent of the “bailout” and the extent of austerity.
 Whitehouse. Josh Earnest “Greece must follow through on structural reforms” ‎. The EU has made “efforts”, Greece has a responsibility to do that.
 This is war. Psych war. Financial fracking.
Go to the Greek banks who got the $. Not the people who didn’t.
 YV said the 2 elephants in the room are at each other’s throats, the IMF and the German gov and are trampling on the little mouse, Greece. There are no structural reforms. Cutting pensions is not reform. Butchery is not the same as surgery.
IMF utterly frustrated with Germany. The IMF knows the Greek debt is unsustainable. They know the #’s Germany is imposing on Greece will explode.
IMF – internal devaluation.
 If the IMF shrinks the national income & economy of Greece they can’t possibly pay a debt‎. The IMF wants to turn Greece into a dessert and call it peace and cull the debt.
 YV is realizing and he says it in his talk in NYC at the New School. He talks about feeling that the little boy inside of him wants to believe the “Good Adults” at the IMF know what they are doing, then admits, “The ‘adults’ don’t know what they are doing”.
He is saying the same thing I experienced and spoke out about when I was 7 years old. You know when those in power are not capable of being in your best interest or have any intention of doing so. Be they “parents” or people working for the IMF or the EU when you’re the finance minister of Greece, you know when those you are dealing with on not on the same side and working towards the same goal, to raise the people up. It’s at the expense of the people of Greece,, NOT in their best interest. It’s Abusive and it’s clear. Like I knew and spoke out about as a child at “home” with those who are not on my side. How can a child possibly stand up for themselves against those who are supposed to stand up for them? You can’t. The REAL Math with Greece and their “creditors” is the fact that those involved are not on the same side. This is not a difficult thing to realize. It’s not the $$, Its those controlling it. No different than an abusive spouse, usually the husband, using $$ to control the wife. Is this economics or is it simply abuse? It’s the same thing with the IMF and the German gov. It’s not economics, it’s abuse.
Butchery is not surgery, YV says. Turning Greece into a dessert and calling it peace
The German gov doesn’t want to talk about the debt ‎then they would have to admit the “bailout loans” for Greece were for the German & French banks.
 Paul Thompson. “We need an event”. Another crisis, bank closures in Greece to (concentrate the mind) of Merkel.
 Ponzi austerity. Pretend to be growing income on the basis of unsustainable debt. The more debt you take the more you pretend you’re growing then you take on more unsustainable debt to maintain the illusion that you’re solvent.
 “The German gov saw me as a major inconvenience because I didn’t want any $$” said YV. “Germany paid too much in the case of the Greek bailout. Largest loan in human history. What happened to that $? It wasn’t $ for Greece, it was $ for the banks. Greek people took on the largest loan in humn history ‎on behalf of German and French bankers under conditions that guaranteed that the Greek income would shrink by 1/3, this is Grapes of Wrath”.
 The bailout of Greece was to save their own banks and present it as solidarity with Greece.
“We are not going to take another euro from a German taxpayers until we stabilize the economy”.
YV did to the IMF what I did at a young age, say NO to abusers. Call the scheme out for what it was, people in power who are not in your best interest and are, in fact, the exact opposite, using you. Abusive relationships are abusive relationships, no matter what the size. The Real Math under the fake math.
 “Why I was inconvenient”. Protestant housewife. A banker should not borrow more $. I was utilizing the morality of the Protestant ethic of no more loans for bankers ‎.
A Greek finance minister was not asking for more loans.
91% bailout went to German and French banks the first time. 2nd ,100%. ‎3rd, YV not sign, 85 bill. 0% goes to Greece.
2010 greece went bankrupt due to a monetary union not fit in sustaining the collapse of Wall st, city of London, etc.
Private bank losses onto the shoulders of the weakest taxpayers. Greeks knowing the shoulders were weak unable to sustain the burden. Then to the German, slovek and French taxpayer.
 This is exactly the same as abusive “adults” , “parents” passing abuse or any kind onto the vulnerable child. Those closest to that child have the easiest ability to do it. It’s devastating for the most vulnerable to be betrayed by those who are entrusted to look out for them. There is no greater betrayal, no matter what the scale.
How do the most vulnerable stand up without help? REAL HELP?
Great depression with no end in sight. No New Deal.
PTB in Berlin, White house spokesperson siding with Berlin insisting the pretending and extending continue keep up the denial.
“We were elected to say no to “creditors”. No not to an honorable agreement. No to the extending an pretending. Something or someone with Real value and courage has to break the vicious cycle otherwise it would continue because the abuser will not stop.
The PM and the FM not sign on for another spin.
A bank coup.
Greeks terrorized by media. Armagedon if they vote no. ‎Banks close. July 5th 62% No! Energized by Greeks.
PM not so much. Surrender. Surrender to an Enemy document.
Stable dessert or declining depressed state.
Fiscal waterboarding. Different from austerity. Austerity. Self defeating. Fail. Downward spiral.
Fiscal WB – preditory relationship btwn “creditors” & Greek gov.
Creditors lend Greece $, & Greece has to make payments every year. Which it cannot because it’s broke.
Every 3rd moth the “creditors bring the Greeks to a point of asphyxiation by refusing loans which are necessary for the Greek state to repay them to not be in default. Bring Greece to the verge of not being able to pay pensions, electric bill in schools.
 Just before death you give the victim a gulp of breath, repeat.
 Instead of o2 it’s liquidity not for Greece but for the torturer to continue torturing you.
Debt spiral.
George Orwell would love the double speak. Greek gov under pressure from the EU to intern the refugees. Instead of treating them like people in need of support, food, medicine, psych help. They get treated as per Brussels, like aliens. Greek gov told in order to get $, intern the refugees.  ‎If u let them free you get not a penny to feed them. NGO’s looking after them.
Our country has become richer when Greece accepted refugees from Albania.
We want the troika to reign in the French national budget. Greek misery used to France cannot eat cake.
Golden Dawn.

The Economic Hit of the Family

When people treat other people poorly they inadvertently ‎make the person the opposite of what they’re intending; more creative, more sensitive, more compassionate, more wise, more tuned in, more insightful, more fit, up to a point. After that, they turn bad. It’s like cooking. It’s either getting cooked, or, after that, it’s burning.
 I want to write about the micro version of what John Perkins writes about in Confessions of an Economic Hitman. I’ve been saying the same ting but, about the dysfunctional/abusive “family”. People tend to think that these kinds of relationships John talks about with the IMF and the World Bank go on only on a large scale. Of course, with the IMF they do but, the same kinds of behavior happens on all levels. Even with the relationships we have right around us that we live in everyday.
 The Economic Hit of the Family system is similar. I’ve been passionate about discussing and writing about the “family” for many decades and was always met with resistance. People making excuses and unconsciously maintaining the status quo at their own expense.
I write about this again and again to illustrate the micro of the macro. The fact is; people never leave the family. Unless people truly grow up healthy, which most do not, and have a healthy separation from source figures, people never truly “fly out of the nest”. They end up taking the dysfunction into their jobs and lives. The boss or the Company becomes the new “parent”. Nature cannot be ignored or gotten over on. When “adults” put a paycheck over doing what’s right, they are not grown up, they are under developed. They’re choosing “Mom & Dad” and the “secure” paycheck over maturity and emotional growth.
 We’re living in a world where people think they’re going to tell nature how things are going to go. I see it all the time. I’ve trained myself to pay attention to it. Most people have been conditioned to put $ over health. This is not going to bring us to a good place. The fact that we live in a country where choosing $ is the opposite of choosing health should tell us something but, it clearly doesn’t to enough people.
 The obvious fact is. $ is destroying nature. ‎Not only environmentally but, our health, physically and emotionally, relationship wise. How can choosing $ over these things be the path to take?
 Our health and our bodies are meant to function a certain way to be healthy. Efficiently, cleanly, joyfully. Under capitalism, this is impossible because too much leverage is tipped towards too few stealing the rightful amount from the rest of us. This is against the way Nature functions. The “family” system has become in many cases as it was for me, backwards. The child is there for the benefit of the parent instead of the other way around. Without a healthy family,, healthy parents, the structure of society is collapsing. Children NEED healthy people to lean on when they are young. People who will raise them and teach them morals and ethics and set and example of how to live them. All anything is about today is $$. “Parents” raise their kids and tell them to go out and make $. Not all thank God, but there are not enough real leaders for the young to rely on who can teach them what being a real adult is about because the “parent” hasn’t done it themselves. They have not grown up themselves. The man made $ system is functioning one way while nature and human development are going another. There is No One to Help a child LIFT themselves up. There’s No $$ in it. Human beings are becoming more and more diluted. even though they look like adults, they are children. The job is their “parent”. An Abusive parent which exploits their labor instead of paying them and treating them what they’re worth. There are no opportunities for a worker to move up like used to exist decades ago.
 The devastation that is coming due to the deterioration of nature and human development and their unhealthy relationship to fake $ is inevitable.
 If people can’t understand that nature is the highest intelligence than they’re already way off course. Those who worship $ like many Corps do who will bomb, enslave and kill innocent people in fake “wars” just to have it are ill people.
 Why is there no mental health for people who have taken over our country and world with their addiction? Why do the masses allow these sick people to gain so much momentum? If we focused on health more and what health actually is emotionally/mentally, even spiritually we would never have allowed sick people to take over.
 I hear so many people say things that are responsible for creating the horrendous conditions we’re living in today. Many people live their ‎entire lives and never question their attitudes or challenge the way they think. They unconsciously protect the system and keep themselves down. They are literally in an abusive relationship with the “gov”/Corps. Or, if they know that things are corrupt but, don’t believe there is anything that can be done then, they do not know their rights and that the system must be dismantled.
 In the documentary film Zeitgeist Addendum Creator Peter Joseph points out the how $ is debt designed to enslave the masses for the “benefit” of the few at the “top”. John Perkins talks about how the United States Corps, under the guise of “helping” a country, gives “loans” to that country, tries to buy the leader of that country so a few make fake $ while leaving the rest of the country devastated in fake debt. The people are totally unaware they’ve been scapegoated. All the people really need to do, like in Greece and what Argentina did for 14 years was not pay it. The debt does not belong to the people.
 This is exactly what I “knew” and have been telling people about the “family” for decades. The abusive/dysfunctional “family” functions the exact same way. A “parent” who is emotionally unhealthy uses their child to fill their own needs instead of the healthy parent meeting the needs of the child. This keeps the child in a never ending emotional debt trying to get what they NEED but do not know how and sets them up for addictions and trying to get what they need in unhealthy ways; dysfunctional relationships for the rest of their lives, chasing $, sex, power, shopping, drugs, etc.
 I think of it like breathing,, the pressure on the outside of the lungs must be balanced by the pressure on the inside in order that the lungs do not collapse. Our relationship to $$ must be the same. We must meet $ with a healthy sense of self and having had our emotional needs met. If someone comes into a relationship with $ not having had their needs met adequately by a parent or a surrogate adult growing up,, their healthy self worth will be collapsing under the addiction to $. Trying to gain more and more of their worth from something unnatural that simply cannot provide it.
The people become so conditioned to believe that $ is valuable, if people do not have or are not given the emotional and self worth to negotiate and keep themselves balanced, the tipping over is a mathematical certainty. In our society, however, someone like a Jordan Belford is seen as normal. No one ever asks why people get addicted to these hedonistic lifestyles. What is it in their past that creates the addiction? Why don’t we deal with it before things get out of hand? Why don’t we live in a healthier society?
 I am angry because I was right as a child. I saw and experienced what more and more people are realizing today and I was told I was wrong by the very people who should have been supporting me and giving me credit.
 I write this because if we don’t learn to live in the Math, the evidence, the facts and reality, like it or not, we’re done as a race.
 I knew what was happening to me as a child. There was not one real adult around to be a mentor, teacher, leader. I will continue talking about this because I’m sick of everyone around me all my life telling me to “get over it” or “let it go”. Telling people who know they’re being mistreated and robbed of their basic needs is wrong. This is what has led to the few having obscene amounts while “parents” and “neigbors” tell their children they have to “get over” needing their rightful share. If we don’t look at the bad habits that led to the creation of this disaster system, it will never change.
 The people I was surrounded by as a child were ignorant and unconscious. They had absolutely NO idea what they were doing or how to raise a child into a healthy, successful adult. Those around me were turning nature on its head.
 We talk about EXXON, Texaco or BP destroying the earth’s environment by polluting or through deforestation. But, we never think about how the “family” system and human relationships are mangled and the exchange between members in the family is completely destroyed by abuse.
 I could feel very early that I was not being treated right and that my health was being severely harmed ‎by the very people who you need to rely on and who should be there for YOU more than anyone in the world.
 Just like we’re living today with the bankers, police and companies people work at like Walmart, ‎that the relationships are abusive.
 The abusive “family” and Domestic Violence are now large scale.
 I could feel that instead of me getting what I needed emotionally from my “parent”, I was being robbed and having my resources stolen by the very person I should be able to trust more than anyone. That “parent” uses their child for their own needs instead of the other way around. We’re living in this disaster system‎ now because of the abusive/dysfunctional “family” that no one wants to talk about. That those who grew up in them are acting out the abuse and dysfunction on the most vulnerable like a huge abusive Domestic Violence situation.
 I resisted and told people what was going on in my house. First, I was growing up with domestic violence and having my environment polluted as a kid. I was under so much stress and there was no one there acknowledging it or comforting me to at least counter it, that I self mutilated and pulled most of my eyelashes out on the top lid. From the 2nd until the 5th grade I did it. I self mutlilated in other ways too but, that was the worst.
 When you try telling others and the response you get is “oh, your poor mother, she couldn’t raise you because no body taught her”, that is the wrong thing to say to a child who’s being neglected and adding to their abuse. All one has to do is do the math. A child being told that has no choice but to go into debt to “bail out” the “parent”. This is wrong! Children should not be making excuses for and bailing out “parents”. Parents should be raising and treating their child in healthy and respectful ways.
 What happens when there is No healthy adult around for a child? Everyone around me had the same attitude, “your poor mother”. This is totally wrong! A child deserves a healthy parent. A child should not be told to have to feel responsible for a parents emotional or physical needs. Not only is the child being abused at home, they’re being abused by the neigbors who say that and anyone else who does.
 That is pretty much what I’ve heard all my life. “Get over it”. That is why the 99% is poor and stupid. You will never hear a 1%er tell another 1% to “get over” a loss. The people are their own worst enemy because they’re too ignorant to see that this is how they devalue themselves and their own children.
 Nature does not and will not “just get over it”. This is how detached people are from reality and how nature works. Nature and health will not be dictated to. It DOES the dictating. When the body feels something, it feels it. When a child feels soemthing, the feel it. Only totally incompetent people and cowards who have no busness having children‎ would say that to a child. Yet, they get away wih it everyday while the 1% cashes in. The 1% love GMO “parents” like that because that’s how they destroy the family and create the next generation of slaves.
 ‎ I was right for decades pointing all of this out, reading, studying about the “economy” of the family and no one listened. People just minimize everything, never stepping up to the plate and taking things seriously enough. Now, we’re living in a situation I was pointing out decades ago 100 times over.
 Let’s see if it will work telling nature to “just get over” all the pollution. Let’s see if nature will “let it go” of all the fish and sea life washing up on beaches in
‎Panama, California, Japan and other places
 Try telling Nature to “just get over it”. When are people going to seriously start changing their habits?